Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Iron Giant

Hey there.

I watched that cartoon that came out in 1999, "The Iron Giant" the other night. For some reason that thing almost made me cry. I don't know how they figured out the way they made that huge robot so loveable, but I was really sad about his whole predicament during the show. I guess this was a real flop in the box office, but don't let that discourage you from watching it if you haven't yet.

Studying is going swell. Lots of work to do ahead though.

David got married last week. Guess its time to start looking for a new roomate. The wedding was very nice. Good food.

Eminem has a new album out. It is as if he is a parody of himself now. Instead of trying to find some new direction he is just taking the easy shots, rhyming about how he hates teen celebrities still and what he is going to do about it. Booooriiing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Autotune, a little hiphop history.

I do greatly apologize for the absence. Life got quite busy and time got short. But there are rewards to this...

First of all, the with the autotune craze recently I thought this was hilarious. well put together. And it features the chop slap dude. Its like it was meant to be.

Armorie played last wednesday and on Monday in Salt Lake. It was a fun time. Today and yesterday we went and did a bit of recording. Things are sounding good. Skipping Stone is sounding cool when I am able to fix the little mistakes vocally.

Guess what? NocouponNopizza had their last jam session for a while this last saturday. It was fun. Please hear the new tunes and drop a line. Some good some bad. I like the way "Ain't no good sounds" Its a cover by the by.

I was telling my friend Cory about the greatness of Busta Rhymes back in the glory days of rap. I was thinking particularly of the work he did with the Leaders of the New School and Charlie Brown. But even more specifically, of the guest spot he did on this Tribe Called Quest Song. The first time I heard it I was blown away. This was even after being introduced to the lame BustaRhymes that usually shows up to sluff guest verses with people like the PussyCat Dolls. The song that I am speaking of is "Scenario", and its a good jam either way being a TCQ joint and Q-tip delivers as always, but Busta makes 'em look like ameteurs. His verse starts at about 2:40. I miss this type of energy in rap. The insane costumes and bugged out dance moves also do not hurt his cause.

So about 2 years ago I saw them do a reprise of this song at a Hip Hop Honors night. Busta Rhymes came out at the end dressed coat that was about 8 times too big for him. When he came out you could hardly hear him because he was screaming the verse and the people were going nuts. I could not stop laughing in the first few seconds of the performance. You can't hear a word and he is just flailing around like a madman. I found it on the net on this Japanese site. If you are interested, you should take the time to fast forward to the end where he comes out and is going nuts.

If you are too lazy to look that up, here is a different one, but not quite as grandiose, as it is when the song first came out and his verse didn't have the legendary title yet. But a good watch.

Sorry to be forcing hip-hop history on you. I know most aren't interested, but I have been on the vibe lately listening to some of my old favorites. I probably will be blogging a bit more about it than less.

Oh by the way, Q-tip is still dope. Even when he keeps it real simple, his voice carries a song. He made that group, and it makes me glad he is still getting some props today. Don't beleive?

This is a bit video heavy, but necessary to illustrate the thought.

got to get ready to move