Thursday, January 29, 2009

Excitement, Cheers to you!

Studied most the evening tonight and it feels really good to be getting a hold on things. This weekend will be great, hopefully. I want to go see that Slumdog Millionare show people are talking about. Also, Battle of the Bands is on Saturday at 6pm and we are excited to play for alot of people who may not necessarily know us already. Its hard to get random crowd to come out to a show, especially here in Logan.

I haven't posted an informercial for a while, and this one excited me the other day when I found it. They have many different varities of this, and it looks like just the thing you need if you have no friends!

Hooray for me!!!

Gotta get back to work!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PHX, More Elvis, Top Ten Movie Lists

The Physics test went alright today. Probably a high B or an A is what I am thinking. There were like 2 problems that I was not sure on...and there is always another one that takes you completely by surprise. It was on Waves and Electric Fields. The Wave stuff went down good, but the Electromagnetism stuff was a little over my head. Luckily he stuck to problems with formulas, which I stuck on my handy little note-card. I love the concept of the note-card. I am learning to have microfish-like handwriting. Nothing compared to Brad Grandy's though. You would have thought he typed the whole thing in a fontsize number 3. Ridiculously small!

Tonight I went over to Jodi Burton's house and made the Elvis Sandwich. It was quite tasty even for the second go around. If this is what my cooking skills amount to though, I am in some sad shape. Listened to some Elvis to get some inspiration. It was like his 50 greatest hits through time. We decided that you can actually hear Elvis getting fatter as he grew old. His songs get less energetic and his voice becomes a much richer baritone. Its all about young Elvis in my opinion, I liked it when he was more of a lady-killer. In some of those recordings you can't even hear him because there is so much screaming. How did he do that? The Beatles figured that secret out as well obviously. Check it out.

I thought I would post my top 10 worst adn best movies of the year. Many will disagree with this list. Good thing that it is just an opinion. And yes, there are many movies I have not got around to seeing yet, so if I missed out on one that you think is crucial...don't freak out. Some may find this list a bit childish, but I think those were some of the better movies that came out. I'm sick of too much depressing stuff.
oh and as a disclaimer, I have not seen all the worst on the list.

10. Don't Mess with the Zohan: Please Adam Sandler, Please be in something like Punch Drunk Love again. Stop making these crappy comedies. You are better than this!

9. The Love Guru: Its like Austin Powers 4. Mini-me is even in it. Come on.

8. What happens in Vegas: I actually have seen this show. Ashton Kutcher is such a moron. What makes him think he has comedy chops? And why did Dennis Miller get involved in this one? It is just straight up bad comedy, and adds some chick flick elements to it. Don't be fooled by the pretty faces!!!!

7. Indiana Jones: This really wasn't that bad, but the disappointment involved in it magnified its suckyness. I know that Indiana Jones has always dabbled in the supernatural, but aliens were a poor choice. Just my opinion.

6. Jumper: Hayden Christian Anderson or whatever the crud Anakin's real name is has had enough chances. He is no good in the movies. Sick of it. Fed up. Move on.

5. Disaster Movie/Meet the Spartans: Its all the same thing, so this one is two in one. I am so sick of even having to watch these trailers. It proves that obnoxiousness does pay off if you live in Hollywood.

4. The Hottie and the Nottie: This may be the worst movie of all time as some people have put it. Paris Hilton is not a Hottie. She can keep telling herself that, but she is not all that attractive. At some point she is going to have to find out that she is not an entertainer either.

3. Fools Gold: "Wanna make some money? Lets get that guy who plays the bongos naked and talks out of the side of his mouth and some blonde girl who's mom was famous and put them in a generic plot about treasure and have them fall in love during it. Make sure they are both in bathing suits so we don't have to write anything interesting and they don't have to act it out all that well. That'll work for sure!"

2. Never Back Down: The only thing I hate worse than a mindless chick flick is a mindless guy flick. This is the posterboy for the category. And I think its funny how the film's premise is the high school underground ultimate fighting league. Yeah, my higschool experience was just like that.

1. Twilight. How could I not include this. Edward is not real. He will not sweep you off your feet. Dress it up however you want, but please do not refer to it as "great" literature or film making. When you talk about twilight, you sound like a guy that is obsessed with Magic Cards or Dungeons and Dragons. This is everything cinema should not be.

10. Hellboy 2: I know the story is a bit much and some of the acting is a little cheezy...heck its not even all that well written, but how can you not be entertained watching this? I have never seen anything this visually appealing, and it made me excited for Del Toro to direct the Hobbit.

9. Iron Man: This was just a very well done action movie, and you don't get many of those. I will be the first to admit that I thought the trailers of it looked stupid and I even groaned that Marvel must be running out of Super Heros. But Robert Downey Junior made him the most likeable of the bunch.

8. Kung-Fu Panda: Took my nephew to see it this summer and I think I liked it more that he did. He laughed at the slapstick, I laughed at the awesome Kung-Fu movie Cliques they fit into the show. As a kid I went through a Kung-Fu flim stage for an extended period of time, so I got alot of the jokes. And it was really well written and had a great moral to the whole thing. That movie should be required watching for people trying to write a coherent story.

7. Encounters at the End of the World: Herzog Directs another strangely interesting Documentary. He does not go wrong.

6. Gran Torino: Okay Okay, some of the racist remarks Clint spouts were a bit over the mark even for what he was trying to do, and sure, the kids in it are horrible actors, but man does Clint Eastwood have screen presence. You don't want to look away from him when he is on screen. You still get the feeling that the 80 year old guy could snap your neck if he wanted, and that is a tough thing to portray. I can't give anything away, but it does make a good point about real friendship and motivation to change your bad habits.

5. Man on Wire: This was the best documentary to come out this year. Its about the guy who walked across a tightrope that spanned the world trade centers. It is funny but also just an amazing story. The guy is a little off his rocker, which makes it all the more entertaining.

4. Let the Right One In: This movie is everything that is not Twilight. Its scary, different, and weird. I won't give anything away except that there are vampires and they are not teenagers fighting werewolves and evil Italian secret society vampires.

3. Ghost Town: This to me is the best romantic comedy that I have seen since Groundhogs day. Its funny, and its not purely about the mundane details of a relationship. Its more about learning to actually care for people. Ricky Gervais was great as a leading man, which is surprising.

2 The Dark Knight: Some people will be mad that this is not number one on my list. I liked the movie alot, otherwise it would not be here. But the story was not all that coherent, and the actors all kind of paled in comparison to Heath Ledger's performance. Still amazingly good, and I don't think it could have been much better, just not my favorite this year.

1. Son of Rambow: This was a genuinely clean, funny, family comedy about trying to fit in and also being creative. It brought alot of Nostalgia in the way Be Kind Rewind failed to do. This was the best movie that came out this year, period.

I haven't seen The Wrestler, Happy-Go-Lucky, Slumdog Millionare, Reservation Road, Benjamin Button, Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Changeling, or Synecdoche NY. So those might be contenders, but once again, havent seen 'em.

Top albums of the year for me to come next week sometime.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Billy Bryson, 14 yr. old cop, Treadmill.


I started reading this book by Bill Bryson that my sister gave me called "I'm a stranger here myself." Its about him coming back to America after many years in Great Britan and some of the observations that he made. Some of them are pretty funny. He talks about restaurants, the post office, drug culture, waitresses, and rules.

My favorite chapter so far has been about how rules run american life. He mentioned that at his local swimming pool there is a list of 27 rules posted up on the wall that are expected to be followed. I think our swimming pool in Palmer has a similar list. Anyway, some amusing reading if you are interested. The chapters are really short so it goes by quick.

I have a big Physics test tomorrow so I have much studying to get around to. We are doing waves and Electro-magnetism.

I read the story in the paper the other day about a 14 year old kid impersonating a police officer successfully for about 5 hours. I know exactly what the Hollywood Producers are thinking right now. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. At least we should see a book written from the kids perspective, especially since he is going to be prosecuted now. I'm sure everyone is curioius as to what his motivations were. But if this can happen, then who knows who is pulling you over when your speeding? I am going to ask the police officer to see his lisence or badge before I sign a ticket from now on. Especially if he has a squeaky voice and peach fuzz. Watch out Frank Abengale!!!!

I have been laughing at this clip for about a week now. Everytime I see it the result is the same. In fact if you watch it closely about 3 times in a row, you will be crying, guarenteed.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Provo, Practice, Animal Collective

Ok. So this weekend was pretty good. On Friday I drove into Provo to meet with my Boss from my summer job in Alaska on the train. Hopefully this will be year 5 for me up there. I am slowly getting so crazy that it annoys me less and less to do that during the summer. Only thing is I will be starting in June because I have a few weeks to study for the DAT and stuff...Sheesh. I ate some good Brisket though.

Saturday I ran some errands and went to work. Somebody did not show up so I ended up having to stay pretty late, which was not cool. The money was not all that good.

I finally finished my book "The Devil in the White City". It was long and I had like 50 pages left coming back from break. Reading text books kills my time, so I finally just sat down and sacrificed an hour and a half finishing it off. Pretty good stuff, very interesting. Not sure what I'm going to read next yet.

Sunday we went to Whysound and practiced for Battle of the Bands. I think we have some good ideas in the works. THat is this upcoming SAturday at 6 by the way, in case you are in town and looking for cheap entertainment. Good bands playing that night.

I watched the new Flight of the Conchords Episode last night. I thought it was alot funnier than the episode 1 of season 2. It had alot more stupidity.

Lots of people are going to hate these next videos, so you may just want to skip them unless you are into some really weird live electronic music. Animal Collective recently came out with their new album, Merriwether Post Pavillion. Its getting great reviews and I think rightfully so. Its very different and has a great atmosphere to the whole thing. I don't blame anyone for not digging what they hear though, when a friend first reccommended them I couldn't understand what they were trying to do all that well. It took listening to one of their solo records, (Person Pitch by Panda Bear) to really latch onto the sound. Then I heard the Strawberry Jam record and it was amazing. So here are some great live performances by the Collective.
First up the best song they have, Brothersport.

Now here is another great off the new album, Summertime Clothes.

And here is one off of Stawberry Jam.

And one more

That is all

Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Weekend, Puppets, PB&Bacon

Ok Ok Ok,
I knows its been a while, but I tried to write twice and the internet flipped out and I lost huge paragraphs. I am being careful to copy everything this time.

Last Friday started tragically. I was at the Village Inn doing my cleaning and I ordered a salad on some healthy change vibe. Fiesta Chicken=awesome. Anyways I was chowing down and Russ called, letting me know he had gotten into town. As I was talking and munching down, I suddenly heard this loud CRUNCH! Blam! Was no Crouton, in fact the fork was overly hard and chipped my right front tooth. Now I am even uglier. Sorry ladies, but I had no control over what happened. I partially blame the fork. I partially blame the salad. I mean we try to be healthy and look what happens! America insists that we all stay obese! Mostly I blame Russ for calling me while I was lunching. You should have known dude, shoulda known not to interrupt a man on a misssion.

You can kind of see the results in this unflattering pic of me. I debating on wether or not to go to the Dentist. Geez.

Anyways, Friday I went Hot Tubbing at Trevor's complex. Also got a tasty Slurrrrrpeee. Those things never get boring.

Saturday I went and helped paint the Whysound venue, the recording part. It was good fun. We are playing in the Battle of the Bands on Saturday and that should be a great rock show. Lots of good plans playing I think. We practiced most the day Sunday for the show and things are going good.

Also on Monday...Russ and I recorded a handful of songs. You can listen to some of them at They are different than most other stuff we have done. But still flavorful. The recording studio picture above has a Ukelin in it. Its the weird thing on the bed. We are rocking that thing.

Also on that Monday, I decided to try the Elvis Sandwich. So Delicious strangely enough. The bacon even tastes good on it.

By the way, have you seen this Coldplay music video. I found it clever.

I like how exaggerated the moves are, especially how the helicopter picks them up.
Another Great Puppet video is this one. I dont even like Kanye that much but this here is pretty cool.

Oh and the National have a great new song up at this website here. Its worth hearing I think.

LAter Yo

Friday, January 16, 2009

game night, weight gain, shad k.

Went and played some games yesterday at my friend Hilarys house. It was fun and I will say that I won all three games. I hadn't played Clue in like 12 years, but I just dusted off my old private eye skills and took them to town. It was totally Prof. Plum, in the Hall with the Poison the whole time. Nobody thought I knew, but I knew. Genius. The whole game is a bit weird though. I constantly was suspecting myself of having done the murder. I mean what happened? Did I forget or something? And how come I have to be standing in the room to guess that someone did a murder there? I dont get it.

I think Russ is coming to town today, and we will be doing some recording. As usual they all should be available shortly. Recently we have obtained some new instruments to mess about with. So I will let you know like Tuesday how things go. Some good ideas are brewing though.

Somehow I gained like 10 lbs. over Christmas Break. Probably it has something to do with eating double entres on the cruise. That and not doing anything active at all. The good news is, I am starting to work it off a bit at a time, I am almost halfway back to where I was before. It has to do with having nothing delicious in the house and forcing myself to not have as much snackage. Its crazy how fast my weight can fluctuate though.

I've been listening to this rapper named Shad K. from Canada quite a bit lately. His first real album came out last year and it was one of the few that I really enjoy. I don't get excited about Hip Hop as much as I used to unless they can really flo, and this guy has great style. Plus from what he says it seems that he has similar ideology about the art form as I do. Anyways, the album is The Old Prince Still Lives at Home. Its up for a few awards and I think well deserved. Here are 2 great songs from that album.

Dont say I never reccommend anything cool to you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PBJ, Bacon, Uncrustables, D. B.

Yesterday was a long one. I stayed up on campus until like 9:30 studying up on some classes. It was a good thing to do. Tests loom around the corner. So not much exciting to write about in that realm of stuff.

Had my first Physics Quiz today and it was easy since I had studied up. I am not so concerned about that class, I think I know how to study for it pretty well and none of the concepts are really all that foreign. Its actually kind of fun.

I packed me lunch today. I like eating peanut butter sandwiches, an apple, and a granola bar. I think there is a problem with the way I used to make my sandwiches though, because I would put a layer of peanut butter then the jelly, and therefore I would have jelly soaked bread after about an hour or two of sitting there. No good. So recently I have started doing a layer of peanut butter on both pieces of bread, kind of like a buffer zone. Only problem is, now I feel like I have thrown the entire peanut butter/jelly balance off. I get too much of the peanut butter. Being that I only like crunchy, it is incredibly hard to get a very thin layer on both sides of the bread. So although the jelly soak issue has been dealt with, now there is a new problem. Moral of the story...Dont solve problems. Why am I talking about this?

Above is one of the worst idea ever. Although I admit I have never tried it. They are things that should be seperate until they are put together. How lazy are we getting to not be able to open two bottles? You dont see ketchup and mustard in the same bottle.

Speaking of sandwiches, I saw this thing on the news the other day about how to make elvis's favorite sandwich. Supposedly he invented it after coming down off of a 3 week bezadine high. So he was pretty hungry anyways.. It consists of peanut butter, jelly, tons of bacon, and sometime honey and bananas depending on what you like. Usually he would deep fry or toast these little babies. No wonder his heart stopped. Anyways, I am so incredibly curious about this that I think I might try it out. I always ragged on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches until I gave it a try and it wasn't half bad, so this could be the same way. Here is a picture of somebodies version.

Finally here is another peanut butter/jelly product I cannot get behind, although Rachel was obsessed with these nasty things. Thats culture consumerism for you. I think Smuckers is seeing the millions of lbs. of peanut butter consumed every year by kids and just was trying to find a way to make people pay more for it. And since nobody likes the crust, I give you "Uncrustables!". My mom actually bought some of these. They were not very tasty, didn't even taste like real bread. But how could it? Otherwise they would have the jelly leaking into the spongy bread and the product would be ruined.

Enough about all of that.

Here is the guy I vote for DB. of the year. Reminds me how in highschool 2 kids could sit around and talk about speaker systems and snowboards for hours on ends in some secret code I could never understand. And also, I have a thing for strange news interviews. I have a couple I need to post still.

Pitted, so pitted.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AI, Lip Syncing, Gran Torino

Last night I watched a little bit of American Idol. Not quite as entertaining as I remember it, but I think that every year. I do want to watch the episode when they come to Salt Lake. That will be worth watching I think. Out of all the weirdys who came in this time around I would have to say that my favorite was the rocker who just wanted somebody to tell him he was really good. Why he thought Simon was going to do that is beyond me... Anyways, I am going to try to watch that show a little less this year, but I will update once in a while my thoughts.

Speaking of singing and pop, what is with this trend of lip syncing live music these days? Nobody expects performances to be perfect, so why make it sound just like the album? Ashley simpson, Kanye, Britney, ect. ect. ect. Here is one I have found more recently, and this is the worst way to get caught I think.

Oh and I saw Gran Torino and thought it was pretty good. Clint Eastwood really can't do much wrong it seems. Although I think some of the supporing actors were a bit stiff, that is probably because they were all first-timers and also because it was filmed in like 5 weeks.

Eastwood has said this will most likely be the last time he will appear in front of the camera. Lets hope not. He has alot more screen presence than most other actors these days, and it seems his movies entertain and have a point at the same time. Also, even though the guy is 78 years old, he still makes you believe you could snap your neck if he wanted to.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Blues, Projects, Morrissey, Cosby

Lots to talk about today, but we will try to keep it breif...I think.

Weekend was good. Got a fly haircut, worked on some projects, chilled with friends. I also went and ate some ribs at Chile's for David's Birthday. Man those things be tasty. Saturday night I worked at the VI for a long shift with very little payoff, hardly anyone came in. Anyways, I got home at like 3:00 AM and had to prepare the priesthood lesson for the next it turned out to be a late night. The lesson was on leadership in the church and at least it was an interesting topic for me. Better than something like "Raising children in the Lord's Way". They should skip those ones in a singles ward I think.

After Church I bummed around until about 5:00 and went to Jeremey and Heidi's place for kind of a David birthday dinner. I hadn't been to their new place yet and it was good to see them. Also, I learned how much fun Guitar Hero is, for the first time ever. They have the "rock band" version and it was awesome. I am partial to the guitar though. I started to get pretty good by the end of the night.

I decided I am going to make another music video sometime here soon. I think Ben Zurcher is going to help out on this the directing, filming, scripting, ect. Everything pretty much except write the song. Hopefully I can have some updates on that soon.

Battle of the Bands with armorie is going to be on the 31st. THey are only letting us play 3 songs, but it still should be fun. We are going to have to choose wisely.

Oh and I am currently working on remixing a track by one Mike Beeson...a guy I know from High School that makes music under the moniker "Miss Sloan" (She was our second grade music teacher and made everybody square dance). He has a great album called "The Astronaut" that he finished a few years ago and I am excited to mess around with this track. It should be weirdly cool when its finished.

Morrissey from the Smiths is about to put out another album...its gonna be called Years of Jealousy. Morrissey is one of those guys that can't help but write good lyrics. I wasn't a huge fan of his last few albums, but this song is great. Also the fact that he is singing it as though he is on Broadway is pretty cool. Somebody leapfrogs over the drums about midway through the song.

Fast forward a bit to get to the video.

Also I saw Bill Cosby on Meet the Press the other day and it reminded me of how sad it is that he is losing his mind. I agree with alot of what he says about parenting and what is acceptable for children, but he can't phrase his sentences at all! He just is out of it! Here is an example of how weird he has become. At least watch until he has the band give him a bass line.

But lest you forget the genius that he used to be, I have to add some other clips. First this early one where he shows off his amazing storytelling skills on the Dean Martin Show. You can't help but get wrapped up in it all.

And this next clip is I think his very funniest bits. He picked up on the irony of the situation and crafted some amazing comedy around it. He has the faces down pat too...

That really cracks me up. You deserved this! You worked hard for it!

That is all.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Burg, GoodReads, Sungha

In and Out BURG.

Last nights show was fun. It was an extremely strange line-up for sure, but we had a good time in all the rap/electronica/rock goodness. It was fun to play with armorie.

I am going to go to the DI later today and look for junk. That is such a good pastime. Here is hoping I find something awesome. Also I think I am going to go eat lunch with David and Scotty, its Davids B-day today. He's 25. Its funny how we think thats old here in Utah.

Over the break I read 2 books, one was called "This is your Brain on Music" and it talks about kind of the neuroscience of music. It was very interesting and rarely ever boring, which is surprising for a book of that type. It talks about why we like certain music that we do, as well as what it can do for the brain to listen to it at certain times and under certain situations.

I also read "The Devil in the White City" which kind of chronicles two stories that are interwoven. Its non-fiction and follows the architect of the World's Fair in Chicago, and at the same time America's first known mass murderer. It kind of has this creation vs. destruction theme. It is very well written and has alot of information in it about the World's Fair that are so interesting you would think they would be common knowledge, but yet they are not.

I am working on remixing a song for a friend of mine from highschool. It is a bit challenging but should sound cool when its all finished. He's got a great voice and its a cool song.

I have to work tonight at 6:00. It will be the first time back at Village Inn in a long time. Yesterday I stopped by to do my weekly assignments which was cleaning out all the syrup bottles. I hate that one with a passion, you have to get syrup all over you in the process. Syrup is so disgusting I do not know why anyone would like it. Give me a pancake with just a little bit of Peanut Butter. Thats all I ask for.

This is pretty amazing if you ask me. His name is Sungha Jung and he is known for picking Beatles tunes.

Off to lunch yo.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just got out of ochem and am waiting an extra half an hour up here on campus because at 5 they are having free pizza for those interested in the Accounting Club. I am at least a little interested if free food is involved...that is my game game.

I watched Burn after Reading last night and cannot fully reccommend it, although it has a few funny moments. It ends a little too quickly and really is quite strange. The acting is pretty good though...I am just saying it is not one of the best from the Coen bros.

Going to practice tonight for tomorrows show. I have an interesting setlist planned out that will be fun to do but pretty challenging. The tunes flow into each other at a pretty fast rate and I will have to work hard to keep afloat doing them, but with practice it should be pretty cool...of course the theatrics are also important.

Animal Collectives new record came out and it is pretty cool. The song Brothersport is probably the best thing I have heard from them so far, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I would write more but pizza calls. I will post some pictures tomorrow hopefully from the trip.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New ish, Ghost Town, NOT A FINGA!!!!

Yesterday I sat down for a few hours with my friends minidisc player/recorder and some instrumentals and just recorded a ton of stuff. Of course its in the style of lo-fi quality quickly put together....but it has some charm and alot of potential I think. During the long vacation I decided that I would at least try to pen a song a day, and the cruise proved to be especially productive. I recorded lots of em yesterday...about two hours of material or so. There are songs about Farmers, Coffee, Reality T.V., Mexico, Disneyland crowds, Brain Cells, The Aging Process, Spaceships, Hobos, Crying, ect.. Usually I would just load all this straight up to the net for people to check if they wanted to, but I think I am going to hold onto these cards for a bit longer. I want to do them live a few times, fix some of the lyrics, pick the best ones, and then record them the right way later. Maybe someday in the far future I will just put these demos up. It got me excited about having some stuff to kick around though. I am trying to memorize some of it as we speak.

Friday I will be opening the show at Whysound. It should be alot of fun. I am going to do half an hour or so and plan on doing only stuff that I have never done live before. Maybe I will throw in one or two classics, but that is it. It will be 5 bucks and should be fun. Also, I am playing with my friends band armorie during their set. Please come if you live in Logan. Its at 8:00 and I am up first so be on time.

I watched Ghost Town again last night. Its a great Romantic Comedy with Ricky Gervais and is one of few movies in that category that I actually enjoy. In fact the only other one I can think of is Groundhog's Day. Its just a movie that is more than just about being in Love. It has more to do with redemption and living a life to help others. Anyways, you should check it out, its hilarious. Heres the trailer.

While in Universal Studios I went through the House of Horrors and this puppet was one of the cases. In case you missed it, the puppet is featured on a video in my Halloween entry. The made for T.V. movie was called Trilogy of Terror. When I saw it at Universal studios in one of the display cases I laughed pretty hard.

Also, I didnt get to watch the Christmas Story this year, even though they have it going 24/7 on Christmas Day. For the record, this is my favorite line from that movie.

I still yell that at people when I dont want them to touch something while I am gone. NOT A FINGER! That could not have been in the script. And if it was then he delivered the heck out of that line. I also like the part when the bumpus dogs get his turkey and he runs out into the snow screaming "SONS OF B_____ES! BUMPUSESS!!!!!" Was he in any other movies?

My mom and sister are in town. They got bumped off their flights like 3 times now! Rita is racking up the flight monies. Share the wealth fool!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacay, Exile, The New Joker

Its been a long time....I shouldn't have left you...ahhh forget you.

Vacation was good and long and relaxating. Spent a week on a cruise in Mexico, hit Acupulco, Ixtapa Zihuatenao, and Manzanillo. Met some interesting people and basically did nothing during that week but eat and read and write and swim. And a bit of kareoke. I think Al Green has the most unbeatable kareoke songs.

Then I spent about 4 days with my cousins in San Diego, that was fun too. I ate at In and Out Burger more than once. So good. Also, I went to a local record shop and found some Rolling Stones records in pretty good condition. I am most excited about getting Exile of Main Street. Its often thought of as their best record even though it was panned when it was released. I agree with Mick Jagger when he says the mixing on it is pretty shabby....but that means that some of the songs are so interesting that you kind of disregard the blemishes. I think the best song on the record is I just wanna see his face. The falsetto is so weird.

Then my family all met in Anaheim for a week. We took the neices and Nephews to Disneyland, and also did Seaworld, the Wild Animal Park, and Universal Studios. It was a great time and we all had alot of fun.

I spent about 11 hours driving home yesterday and that was not so fun. But I proved that I could do it all. Nonstop except for gas and potty breaks.

I am pretty sure I will be playing at WhySound this Friday night at 8:00 opening for some other bands from Salt Lake. I am trying to put together and interesting and challenging set of lots of new stuff and some remixed older stuff. You should come if you are around. I'm going to stage dive into Jello.

School is up and running. Should be an interesting semester. My new roomate James moved in yesterday. I am excited to have him around to do stuff with. Although I am not entirely sure how much time this semester will allow me to mess around.

My roomate David got engaged over X-mas break. That means I have to deal with even more schmoopie. Good thing I am used to it.

Al Franken actually won the recount? I think that is far from over. I think if they have the Joker in the next batman he most definitely could take Heath Ledger's part in it. He has that creepy voice and even the smile. Check it out.

Thats no Joke.

I have alot to write but not time. Tomorrow my friends.