Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Weekend, Puppets, PB&Bacon

Ok Ok Ok,
I knows its been a while, but I tried to write twice and the internet flipped out and I lost huge paragraphs. I am being careful to copy everything this time.

Last Friday started tragically. I was at the Village Inn doing my cleaning and I ordered a salad on some healthy change vibe. Fiesta Chicken=awesome. Anyways I was chowing down and Russ called, letting me know he had gotten into town. As I was talking and munching down, I suddenly heard this loud CRUNCH! Blam! Was no Crouton, in fact the fork was overly hard and chipped my right front tooth. Now I am even uglier. Sorry ladies, but I had no control over what happened. I partially blame the fork. I partially blame the salad. I mean we try to be healthy and look what happens! America insists that we all stay obese! Mostly I blame Russ for calling me while I was lunching. You should have known dude, shoulda known not to interrupt a man on a misssion.

You can kind of see the results in this unflattering pic of me. I debating on wether or not to go to the Dentist. Geez.

Anyways, Friday I went Hot Tubbing at Trevor's complex. Also got a tasty Slurrrrrpeee. Those things never get boring.

Saturday I went and helped paint the Whysound venue, the recording part. It was good fun. We are playing in the Battle of the Bands on Saturday and that should be a great rock show. Lots of good plans playing I think. We practiced most the day Sunday for the show and things are going good.

Also on Monday...Russ and I recorded a handful of songs. You can listen to some of them at They are different than most other stuff we have done. But still flavorful. The recording studio picture above has a Ukelin in it. Its the weird thing on the bed. We are rocking that thing.

Also on that Monday, I decided to try the Elvis Sandwich. So Delicious strangely enough. The bacon even tastes good on it.

By the way, have you seen this Coldplay music video. I found it clever.

I like how exaggerated the moves are, especially how the helicopter picks them up.
Another Great Puppet video is this one. I dont even like Kanye that much but this here is pretty cool.

Oh and the National have a great new song up at this website here. Its worth hearing I think.

LAter Yo

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