Monday, January 26, 2009

Provo, Practice, Animal Collective

Ok. So this weekend was pretty good. On Friday I drove into Provo to meet with my Boss from my summer job in Alaska on the train. Hopefully this will be year 5 for me up there. I am slowly getting so crazy that it annoys me less and less to do that during the summer. Only thing is I will be starting in June because I have a few weeks to study for the DAT and stuff...Sheesh. I ate some good Brisket though.

Saturday I ran some errands and went to work. Somebody did not show up so I ended up having to stay pretty late, which was not cool. The money was not all that good.

I finally finished my book "The Devil in the White City". It was long and I had like 50 pages left coming back from break. Reading text books kills my time, so I finally just sat down and sacrificed an hour and a half finishing it off. Pretty good stuff, very interesting. Not sure what I'm going to read next yet.

Sunday we went to Whysound and practiced for Battle of the Bands. I think we have some good ideas in the works. THat is this upcoming SAturday at 6 by the way, in case you are in town and looking for cheap entertainment. Good bands playing that night.

I watched the new Flight of the Conchords Episode last night. I thought it was alot funnier than the episode 1 of season 2. It had alot more stupidity.

Lots of people are going to hate these next videos, so you may just want to skip them unless you are into some really weird live electronic music. Animal Collective recently came out with their new album, Merriwether Post Pavillion. Its getting great reviews and I think rightfully so. Its very different and has a great atmosphere to the whole thing. I don't blame anyone for not digging what they hear though, when a friend first reccommended them I couldn't understand what they were trying to do all that well. It took listening to one of their solo records, (Person Pitch by Panda Bear) to really latch onto the sound. Then I heard the Strawberry Jam record and it was amazing. So here are some great live performances by the Collective.
First up the best song they have, Brothersport.

Now here is another great off the new album, Summertime Clothes.

And here is one off of Stawberry Jam.

And one more

That is all

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Jody Mac said...

You are really gonna do another summer on the train? Wow Calvin, that is dedication I tell you. Who is in charge of that now since Kim is going to Food and Beverage Manager? They hate me over there...too bad.