Thursday, January 29, 2009

Excitement, Cheers to you!

Studied most the evening tonight and it feels really good to be getting a hold on things. This weekend will be great, hopefully. I want to go see that Slumdog Millionare show people are talking about. Also, Battle of the Bands is on Saturday at 6pm and we are excited to play for alot of people who may not necessarily know us already. Its hard to get random crowd to come out to a show, especially here in Logan.

I haven't posted an informercial for a while, and this one excited me the other day when I found it. They have many different varities of this, and it looks like just the thing you need if you have no friends!

Hooray for me!!!

Gotta get back to work!

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Rachel Kenley said...

Wow- thanks for the post! I'm going to order that CD right away. It should help with my new years resolution to focus more on myself.