Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacay, Exile, The New Joker

Its been a long time....I shouldn't have left you...ahhh forget you.

Vacation was good and long and relaxating. Spent a week on a cruise in Mexico, hit Acupulco, Ixtapa Zihuatenao, and Manzanillo. Met some interesting people and basically did nothing during that week but eat and read and write and swim. And a bit of kareoke. I think Al Green has the most unbeatable kareoke songs.

Then I spent about 4 days with my cousins in San Diego, that was fun too. I ate at In and Out Burger more than once. So good. Also, I went to a local record shop and found some Rolling Stones records in pretty good condition. I am most excited about getting Exile of Main Street. Its often thought of as their best record even though it was panned when it was released. I agree with Mick Jagger when he says the mixing on it is pretty shabby....but that means that some of the songs are so interesting that you kind of disregard the blemishes. I think the best song on the record is I just wanna see his face. The falsetto is so weird.

Then my family all met in Anaheim for a week. We took the neices and Nephews to Disneyland, and also did Seaworld, the Wild Animal Park, and Universal Studios. It was a great time and we all had alot of fun.

I spent about 11 hours driving home yesterday and that was not so fun. But I proved that I could do it all. Nonstop except for gas and potty breaks.

I am pretty sure I will be playing at WhySound this Friday night at 8:00 opening for some other bands from Salt Lake. I am trying to put together and interesting and challenging set of lots of new stuff and some remixed older stuff. You should come if you are around. I'm going to stage dive into Jello.

School is up and running. Should be an interesting semester. My new roomate James moved in yesterday. I am excited to have him around to do stuff with. Although I am not entirely sure how much time this semester will allow me to mess around.

My roomate David got engaged over X-mas break. That means I have to deal with even more schmoopie. Good thing I am used to it.

Al Franken actually won the recount? I think that is far from over. I think if they have the Joker in the next batman he most definitely could take Heath Ledger's part in it. He has that creepy voice and even the smile. Check it out.

Thats no Joke.

I have alot to write but not time. Tomorrow my friends.

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