Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Billy Bryson, 14 yr. old cop, Treadmill.


I started reading this book by Bill Bryson that my sister gave me called "I'm a stranger here myself." Its about him coming back to America after many years in Great Britan and some of the observations that he made. Some of them are pretty funny. He talks about restaurants, the post office, drug culture, waitresses, and rules.

My favorite chapter so far has been about how rules run american life. He mentioned that at his local swimming pool there is a list of 27 rules posted up on the wall that are expected to be followed. I think our swimming pool in Palmer has a similar list. Anyway, some amusing reading if you are interested. The chapters are really short so it goes by quick.

I have a big Physics test tomorrow so I have much studying to get around to. We are doing waves and Electro-magnetism.

I read the story in the paper the other day about a 14 year old kid impersonating a police officer successfully for about 5 hours. I know exactly what the Hollywood Producers are thinking right now. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. At least we should see a book written from the kids perspective, especially since he is going to be prosecuted now. I'm sure everyone is curioius as to what his motivations were. But if this can happen, then who knows who is pulling you over when your speeding? I am going to ask the police officer to see his lisence or badge before I sign a ticket from now on. Especially if he has a squeaky voice and peach fuzz. Watch out Frank Abengale!!!!

I have been laughing at this clip for about a week now. Everytime I see it the result is the same. In fact if you watch it closely about 3 times in a row, you will be crying, guarenteed.


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