Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New ish, Ghost Town, NOT A FINGA!!!!

Yesterday I sat down for a few hours with my friends minidisc player/recorder and some instrumentals and just recorded a ton of stuff. Of course its in the style of lo-fi quality quickly put together....but it has some charm and alot of potential I think. During the long vacation I decided that I would at least try to pen a song a day, and the cruise proved to be especially productive. I recorded lots of em yesterday...about two hours of material or so. There are songs about Farmers, Coffee, Reality T.V., Mexico, Disneyland crowds, Brain Cells, The Aging Process, Spaceships, Hobos, Crying, ect.. Usually I would just load all this straight up to the net for people to check if they wanted to, but I think I am going to hold onto these cards for a bit longer. I want to do them live a few times, fix some of the lyrics, pick the best ones, and then record them the right way later. Maybe someday in the far future I will just put these demos up. It got me excited about having some stuff to kick around though. I am trying to memorize some of it as we speak.

Friday I will be opening the show at Whysound. It should be alot of fun. I am going to do half an hour or so and plan on doing only stuff that I have never done live before. Maybe I will throw in one or two classics, but that is it. It will be 5 bucks and should be fun. Also, I am playing with my friends band armorie during their set. Please come if you live in Logan. Its at 8:00 and I am up first so be on time.

I watched Ghost Town again last night. Its a great Romantic Comedy with Ricky Gervais and is one of few movies in that category that I actually enjoy. In fact the only other one I can think of is Groundhog's Day. Its just a movie that is more than just about being in Love. It has more to do with redemption and living a life to help others. Anyways, you should check it out, its hilarious. Heres the trailer.

While in Universal Studios I went through the House of Horrors and this puppet was one of the cases. In case you missed it, the puppet is featured on a video in my Halloween entry. The made for T.V. movie was called Trilogy of Terror. When I saw it at Universal studios in one of the display cases I laughed pretty hard.

Also, I didnt get to watch the Christmas Story this year, even though they have it going 24/7 on Christmas Day. For the record, this is my favorite line from that movie.

I still yell that at people when I dont want them to touch something while I am gone. NOT A FINGER! That could not have been in the script. And if it was then he delivered the heck out of that line. I also like the part when the bumpus dogs get his turkey and he runs out into the snow screaming "SONS OF B_____ES! BUMPUSESS!!!!!" Was he in any other movies?

My mom and sister are in town. They got bumped off their flights like 3 times now! Rita is racking up the flight monies. Share the wealth fool!

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lori said...

You need to share your monies. I hear you give out loans? Well, I need one, a big one!