Friday, January 16, 2009

game night, weight gain, shad k.

Went and played some games yesterday at my friend Hilarys house. It was fun and I will say that I won all three games. I hadn't played Clue in like 12 years, but I just dusted off my old private eye skills and took them to town. It was totally Prof. Plum, in the Hall with the Poison the whole time. Nobody thought I knew, but I knew. Genius. The whole game is a bit weird though. I constantly was suspecting myself of having done the murder. I mean what happened? Did I forget or something? And how come I have to be standing in the room to guess that someone did a murder there? I dont get it.

I think Russ is coming to town today, and we will be doing some recording. As usual they all should be available shortly. Recently we have obtained some new instruments to mess about with. So I will let you know like Tuesday how things go. Some good ideas are brewing though.

Somehow I gained like 10 lbs. over Christmas Break. Probably it has something to do with eating double entres on the cruise. That and not doing anything active at all. The good news is, I am starting to work it off a bit at a time, I am almost halfway back to where I was before. It has to do with having nothing delicious in the house and forcing myself to not have as much snackage. Its crazy how fast my weight can fluctuate though.

I've been listening to this rapper named Shad K. from Canada quite a bit lately. His first real album came out last year and it was one of the few that I really enjoy. I don't get excited about Hip Hop as much as I used to unless they can really flo, and this guy has great style. Plus from what he says it seems that he has similar ideology about the art form as I do. Anyways, the album is The Old Prince Still Lives at Home. Its up for a few awards and I think well deserved. Here are 2 great songs from that album.

Dont say I never reccommend anything cool to you.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have ever seen the movie clue? If not i suggest it. It is one of those films that you love as a kid, I really think my family are the only ones that have ever seen this film