Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Blues, Projects, Morrissey, Cosby

Lots to talk about today, but we will try to keep it breif...I think.

Weekend was good. Got a fly haircut, worked on some projects, chilled with friends. I also went and ate some ribs at Chile's for David's Birthday. Man those things be tasty. Saturday night I worked at the VI for a long shift with very little payoff, hardly anyone came in. Anyways, I got home at like 3:00 AM and had to prepare the priesthood lesson for the next it turned out to be a late night. The lesson was on leadership in the church and at least it was an interesting topic for me. Better than something like "Raising children in the Lord's Way". They should skip those ones in a singles ward I think.

After Church I bummed around until about 5:00 and went to Jeremey and Heidi's place for kind of a David birthday dinner. I hadn't been to their new place yet and it was good to see them. Also, I learned how much fun Guitar Hero is, for the first time ever. They have the "rock band" version and it was awesome. I am partial to the guitar though. I started to get pretty good by the end of the night.

I decided I am going to make another music video sometime here soon. I think Ben Zurcher is going to help out on this the directing, filming, scripting, ect. Everything pretty much except write the song. Hopefully I can have some updates on that soon.

Battle of the Bands with armorie is going to be on the 31st. THey are only letting us play 3 songs, but it still should be fun. We are going to have to choose wisely.

Oh and I am currently working on remixing a track by one Mike Beeson...a guy I know from High School that makes music under the moniker "Miss Sloan" (She was our second grade music teacher and made everybody square dance). He has a great album called "The Astronaut" that he finished a few years ago and I am excited to mess around with this track. It should be weirdly cool when its finished.

Morrissey from the Smiths is about to put out another album...its gonna be called Years of Jealousy. Morrissey is one of those guys that can't help but write good lyrics. I wasn't a huge fan of his last few albums, but this song is great. Also the fact that he is singing it as though he is on Broadway is pretty cool. Somebody leapfrogs over the drums about midway through the song.

Fast forward a bit to get to the video.

Also I saw Bill Cosby on Meet the Press the other day and it reminded me of how sad it is that he is losing his mind. I agree with alot of what he says about parenting and what is acceptable for children, but he can't phrase his sentences at all! He just is out of it! Here is an example of how weird he has become. At least watch until he has the band give him a bass line.

But lest you forget the genius that he used to be, I have to add some other clips. First this early one where he shows off his amazing storytelling skills on the Dean Martin Show. You can't help but get wrapped up in it all.

And this next clip is I think his very funniest bits. He picked up on the irony of the situation and crafted some amazing comedy around it. He has the faces down pat too...

That really cracks me up. You deserved this! You worked hard for it!

That is all.

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andrew said...

I love Cosby and not in a phony fairweather way like you. We had "Bill Cosby: Himself" on VHS growing up. I stand by everything Cosby has ever done.