Saturday, January 10, 2009

Burg, GoodReads, Sungha

In and Out BURG.

Last nights show was fun. It was an extremely strange line-up for sure, but we had a good time in all the rap/electronica/rock goodness. It was fun to play with armorie.

I am going to go to the DI later today and look for junk. That is such a good pastime. Here is hoping I find something awesome. Also I think I am going to go eat lunch with David and Scotty, its Davids B-day today. He's 25. Its funny how we think thats old here in Utah.

Over the break I read 2 books, one was called "This is your Brain on Music" and it talks about kind of the neuroscience of music. It was very interesting and rarely ever boring, which is surprising for a book of that type. It talks about why we like certain music that we do, as well as what it can do for the brain to listen to it at certain times and under certain situations.

I also read "The Devil in the White City" which kind of chronicles two stories that are interwoven. Its non-fiction and follows the architect of the World's Fair in Chicago, and at the same time America's first known mass murderer. It kind of has this creation vs. destruction theme. It is very well written and has alot of information in it about the World's Fair that are so interesting you would think they would be common knowledge, but yet they are not.

I am working on remixing a song for a friend of mine from highschool. It is a bit challenging but should sound cool when its all finished. He's got a great voice and its a cool song.

I have to work tonight at 6:00. It will be the first time back at Village Inn in a long time. Yesterday I stopped by to do my weekly assignments which was cleaning out all the syrup bottles. I hate that one with a passion, you have to get syrup all over you in the process. Syrup is so disgusting I do not know why anyone would like it. Give me a pancake with just a little bit of Peanut Butter. Thats all I ask for.

This is pretty amazing if you ask me. His name is Sungha Jung and he is known for picking Beatles tunes.

Off to lunch yo.

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