Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just got out of ochem and am waiting an extra half an hour up here on campus because at 5 they are having free pizza for those interested in the Accounting Club. I am at least a little interested if free food is involved...that is my game game.

I watched Burn after Reading last night and cannot fully reccommend it, although it has a few funny moments. It ends a little too quickly and really is quite strange. The acting is pretty good though...I am just saying it is not one of the best from the Coen bros.

Going to practice tonight for tomorrows show. I have an interesting setlist planned out that will be fun to do but pretty challenging. The tunes flow into each other at a pretty fast rate and I will have to work hard to keep afloat doing them, but with practice it should be pretty cool...of course the theatrics are also important.

Animal Collectives new record came out and it is pretty cool. The song Brothersport is probably the best thing I have heard from them so far, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I would write more but pizza calls. I will post some pictures tomorrow hopefully from the trip.

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lori said...

Hey, do you miss Dinneyland?