Thursday, July 9, 2009

News, MJ, Little Richard.

So I wrote a long diatribe about Micheal Jackson and how I am getting sick of long diatribes about Micheal Jackson, and then it somehow all got erased instead of posting. I do not feel like re-doing it though. The gist is, I enjoyed his music alot but am not heartbroken about his death because his life was pretty tragic and he was pretty lonely. Not happy about it, but happy that he can rest from the craziness that enveloped him since he was a child.

Speaking of, they came out with these Stripped mixes of Jackson Five songs, without all the production of strings over the top. Just basically Micheal and the siblings. I'll pass on those. The production is half of what makes those songs so great.

Took a nice drive up through Canada a few weeks ago with my dad. It was a good time. We saw Buffalo, Black Bears, Deer, Elk, Rabbits, Caribou, ect. ect. XFM radio also makes that drive alot more tolerable. My dad bought a new truck in Kellog ID, hence the reason for the drive.

I took the DAT yesterday and am a little non-plussed about the results, I had hoped to do a little better. I am still applying now, but plan on trying to retake it in three months for a better score. You can't change the past so I am trying not to dwell on it. Specifically I thought I would do much better on the old PAT. It killed. I'm tired out. Slow Burn.

Applied for the train today. As much as I dread some of the aspects of the job I am excited to get back in the workforce and start making some cash. Things might get tighter soon so its good to have gainful employment I think. And it beats selling some crap door to door. If somehow the train thing doesn't work out, I am not adverse to heading back to Logan early, but I have to figure out if that is what I really want to do.

Other than that I am just trying to keep busy with different things. I was supposed to buck some hay bales today but it didn't happen for some reason or another. I am not too bummed, I get hayfever real bad if I don't take the perfect combination of allergy meds.

Man there are some good films that are gonna come out real soon. I am stoked about the Big Fan film trailer, Funny People, Shutter Island, The Road, District Nine, Sherlock Holmes, Hurt Locker, Bruno, The Invention of Lying. Will be a good year for Cinema even if half of those are flops.

Here is some little Richard to start your day off right. Dont tell him how a piano is supposed to sound.