Friday, December 4, 2009

National Anthem Fail, Beyond the Mat, George Jones, Podcast Animations


Might go Roller skating tonight. Haven't done that since I was like 8 years old or something. I remember Wasilla used to have a roller rink and they would have limbo contests. I was never really all that good though.

This had me laughing so hard I was almost crying the other night. I can hardly watch it without dying.

good thing the stars were still there.

I am finishing up with this semester's classes. Just two exams to go. Things are panning out fairly well. I just turned in four papers this week, so I'm kind of sick of writing. Excited for the break, I am headed to Las Vegas and Alaska during the four weeks, should be fun.

This is what real country music sounds like. I miss it.

Last night for documentary night we watched one called Beyond the Mat, which was about professional wrestling. It was really good and I would reccommend it. There were some very sad parts too, as it showed how showbusiness ruins the families that are involved and how wrestling tears apart people's bodies as they get older. Jake the Snake had a really sad story and it was depressing to watch him try and reconcile things with his daughter. There are definitely some funny/shocking moments too, specifically when Vince MacMahon, president of the WWF, recruits a new wrestler and excitedly gives him the name "Puke". He calls home excited to tell his Mom that worldwide he will be known as "Puke" and will end the matches by puking on his opponents. Mom must be proud.

I finished my book on Little Richard. It was pretty fascinating. There were a couple chapters in that book that were tough to get through because he is pretty raw in his descriptions, but it didn't feel too gratuitous. Most of the book is direct interviews with Richard and those close to him. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the book was reading how white artists would rerecord black artist's hits and get rich off of them while the black artists would write these fantastic songs and have trouble getting any money from them. Richard claims he never has gotten royalties for Tutti Frutti, Slippin and a Slidin, Good Golly Miss Molly, Lucille, Knockin, or The girl can't help it. Kind of sad. Currently Richard is a preacher but has found peace with his position as a rock and roll icon. Instead of saying it is Satan's music he has decided that there is good rock and roll and bad rock and roll. There still is this weird conflict in his mind because he associates the music with the lifestyle, drugs, money, and sex. It's weird how bizarre some of America's celebrities are.

I am excited about the new HBO show based on the Ricky Gervais podcasts. Karl Looks awesome.


Friday, November 27, 2009

too lazy to title.

Man oh man-Good week. I have been weirdly interested in cooking lately, (although I'm terrible at it) and I am trying to do it a bit more. Fortunately Natalie can cook well, and we are doing it twice a week. It's a welcome change from ramen noodles. I was getting desparate for that change. In fact, no joke, a few weeks ago I mixed together ramen and macaroni and cheese, just so I could taste something different. It was awful. On last Thursday we cooked some really good cajun chicken pasta and Tuesday we made Mexican Crostada. Pretty good stuff. Thanks for the recipes Rita. This week I am choosing the recipe for Wednesday so leave a good suggestion in the comments. Ate anything good lately?

Speaking of good food we went and had Thanksgiving in Cokeville yesterday. There were like 35 people there and it was a huge table and lots of fun. The food of course was incredible too so thanks to those who prepared it. Grandpa told some funny stories afterwards that had us laughing pretty good.

My obsession with little Richard is getting worse. This biography I'm reading is intense. He was a crazy dude-I just read about how as a child he used to have this compulsion to defacate in jars and boxes. He would sometimes wrap up the boxes an give them to people as gifts. Once he did it in his mothers jam jar and then put it back on the shelf like nothing had happened. The town thought he was possesed by the devil. There are some other sad things that happened to him as a boy that are probably too graphic to describe here, but his story is fascinating. He thinks many of his problems have come to him because his one leg is much shorter than the other. Although I don't think it has affected me near as much, I felt I could kind of relate. Walking funny because of my leg did have some sort of an impact on my personality, beleive it or not. It was one of the reasons I got made fun of a bit, and so I had to combat that by making fun of myself. I still have that trait to this day somewhat. Little Richard also kind of invented performance art in rock and roll because he was trying hard to be non-threatening to white people. There was a lot of racism in Georgia and the rest of the U.S., so to get around that he invented the craziest stage act that he could so as to come off as funny. Then everyone else kind of copied his free expression approach. Elvis refers to Richard as the greatest performer who ever lived.

Speaking of great performers, we went and saw the Michael Jackson movie the other night. It was a bit too long, but it was entertaining and kind of sad. Even though at times Mikey was a little over-indulgent in the rehearsals, that show would have been and amazing one. He was all about spectacle. At one point he plans to have a huge bulldozer drive onto stage and stop right before it hits him. Nobody questioned his judgement. It was weird. After watching that I can't stop singing Human Nature.

Ever seen Style Wars? Its a famous documentary about graffiti in New York in the 70's, and its pretty amazing that it even exists. Do yourself a favor and sit down to watch it sometime.

End of the year is coming up, time to start making some lists. And listening to Christmas Music. And figuring out presents for people.

My mom wanted a list of things I might want for X-Mas. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Conquest of the Useless by Werner Herzog.
2. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys on Vinyl
3. Glitter and Doom by Tom Waits on Vinyl
4. Non-black Dress Shoes (Size 10 or 10.5 or so)
5. Any books by Steinbeck aside from East of Eden, Mice and Men, and Grapes of Wrath

If I can think of anything later I will post it up.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gonzo, L.Welk, Raphanz.


Had a busy week but things are calming down now. I am thankful I haven't had to work alot at Village Inn so far. Tonight I do though, 6 to close.

We watched this documentary called Gonzo last night about Hunter S. Thompson. Meh. It was kind of long and boring. There were a few interesting moments though. Maybe I just can't relate because I didn't live his during most of his history, so the outrages he felt don't impact me as deeply. I dunno, probably.

I realized recently how fresh Lawrence Welk can be. Yes I said it. Just watch this.

When my grandparents used to watch that show I never remember anything that cool being on. Usually some boring singer with his band. It was almost like a bad variety show. But this Neil LeVang thing is otherworldly. I love the organ player the most. Looks like he's out of a Hitchcock flim or something. Life is undescribable.

I was reading this earlier today and thought it was pretty funny. Especially if you follow the links. I know I do weird things with my hands but hope they are not this repetitive.
I noticed that Kanye always is grabbing his head in mock unbelief too!!
I add one more handy rapper for consideration:

The first rapper there is Cadence Weapon from Edmonton. He's good.

Right, welp. seeya.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christylez, God Warrior, Lambert

I went to a crazy Hip-Hop writing workshop last night with Natalie. We were the only ones signed up so I was a little worried. The name of the guy teaching the class was "Christyles Bacon" and I thought it would be an interesting experience to see what he could possibly say about writing a rap song. Luckily there were more people there than had signed up originally, about 25 in all. The teacher turned out to be pretty cool. I'm not sure I learned much about songwriting that I hadn't already considered, but it was a strange experience, especially to occur at USU. He made us write a song about Aggie Ice Cream and perform it while he beatboxed and a piano player jammed. We wrote a song about getting obese from eating too much of it. It was a major hit.

So many people liked the last wife-swap clip that I figured you ought to see more of the insane people they find for this show. This lady especially has been popular. The clip begins with her getting home after her stint as the mother of another family. You'll get the picture. Shes a God-Warrior.

This lady is the dark-sided one, if anything. I know this is not as flattering as King Curtis is, but theres alot of freaks out there.

I read this book by Elna Baker called "At the New York Regional Singles Halloween Dance". I got it for Nat, but read it in a few hours before I gave it to her. Its an interesting take on trying to be Mormon but also trying to live in the world without being considered too weird. Amongst many other things. Reccommend. Its funny.

Did anyone else see this?

That girl is a killer!!

More Later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dylan's Christmas, Herb Alpert, Disney Fail.

I have to work at 9:00 tonight. It seems like I've been working alot lately, but that's a good thing, I can use the cash. I am just sick of getting syrup all over myself. I really hate syrup....really anthing that sticky shouldn't be consumed. Speaking of, I have never liked pancakes very much. Way too bready. Seriously, I choked them down as a kid when my mom would make them, but pancakes are straight gross. They are really popular at the restaurant, but I will never understand it.

I was listening to Bob Dylan's Christmas album this last week. I don't care what people say about, its funny. I think the fact that he made it is like a slap in the face of his hardcore 60's fan, and after reading Chronicles I think he knew that. In fact, I bet that making people angry or annoyed was part of the objective. I appreciate people who play jokes for only their own benefit. It has to be important to have your own peculiar sense of humor and do things that cater to it. Dylan definitely does this. Just watching some of those documentaries makes you appreciate his cynicism and how it made him deal with fame.

This weekend I played some music with my friend Russ and recorded some stuff. Maybe we will up it soon to the myspace. He just bought a Nord 3, a Dr. Sample, a Kaoss pad, and Electribe Synth. I think I fell in love with the Nord and Sample machine. It makes sampling so easy. In fact, we spent a while tearing apart some records I got. The best by far to work with was one by Isaac Hayes called Three Tough Guys. Its a soundtrack from some blaxploitation film he did and its great.

I also found some Herb Alpert, Bach, and a few records featuring the organ. We have alot to sift through.

Do you want to see something bizarre?

I don't see how this could happen...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyonce, King Curtis, Larper

My peoplez....

Its very possible I may become server of the month at Village Inn. Not that anybody there cares about the title, but its going to be awesome to push other servers out of the way and say, "excuse...server of the month coming through," and that jazz. I am really the worst server there, so its really going to irk some peeps that I have some sort of validation claiming I'm the best. Maybe this is the best thing thats ever happened to me?

This baby was born to get down. It seems that age is not a precursor for loving Beyonce. Nobody can resist dancing to this song.

I ordered that Little Richard Bio. I think it will be an interesting read. Dude invented much of Rock and Roll and probably took more risks than any performer ever. You can't dress like that and scream in front of a bunch of white people and not think its going to have people calling you the devil. Eventually Richard agreed with them and became a preacher and shunned his output. Then he went back and forth for a while. I like conflicts like that and think everybody has them on some level. I'll let you know what I think of the book.

I don't know if any of you watch Wife Swap on ABC, but its awesome. Just some trash TV that shows you why your family is better than any other family. On the other hand, King Curtis is pretty fresh. This kid is bratty but surprisingly articulate for his age. I like that he thinks Bacon is good for him too. Oh, by the way, the premise of the show is that the two families swap wives for like a week.

you have to love his sticky note too. "I am not lisning to your rules!" That bacon is going to be a problem when he gets older.

My brother went to see the Micheal Jackson Movie tonight. He said it was pretty good. I will probably wait for the rental. I saw Where the Wild Things Are though, it was pretty great. It reminded me more of my childhood than any movie I have seen. I think the negative reviews exist just because its not really a kids movie.

I think this is what I'm going to be for halloween.

They are called Larpers, and they live in a town near you, meeting every Wednesday to fight with sticks and styrofoam out in the woods. Its gonna be a sweet costume.

Natalie comes back to Logan in one week!


Monday, October 12, 2009


This is Natalie.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Anvil, Life, Mystery, Whole lotta shakin.

BAM! Back in the Blogosphere! Just like that! I know I have been slacking a tad bit, but duty calls! Accept the apology and lets move on.

First up, I am going to a great show tonight in Salt Lake. Jolie Holland has been a favorite singer/songwriter of mine for a while, and tonight I get to go see the live show. I am pretty pumped. Also, Dr. Dog from Philly is playing and that should be worthwhile as well. Check both those artists if you haven't heard. You OWE it to yourself.

Tomorrow I will go see Why? is Salt Lake and that should be good too. I've seen them before and it was a good show, so I am excited for a second round. Its at a cooler venue too. Should be exciting.

School is good. 12 credits is pretty easy, just kind of cruising along and working 3 days a week at Village Inn. I really enjoy the Global Marketing class I'm taking. Teacher is good, time is well spent. I wish all my classes were like that. Operations Management has to be the most boring class I've ever taken.

I watched this crazy movie called "Anvil" last night. It was a mildly depressing documentary about aging washed up rockstars. These ones were Heavy Metal heads. I would recommend it, its got some really funny bits as well as some sad ones. People are calling it the "real-life" Spinal Tap. The drummer's name is even Robb Reiner.

Lately the Pick-up Artist has come up in conversation quite a bit. If you don't know about Mystery, the reality show star who dresses like a goth cowboy with aviator glasses and teaches his band of fledgling nerds how to pick up women at bars, you should catch up with the times. These men's secret clubs to pick up ladies by using a crazy methodology is taking over the world. Mystery is a pied piper of sorts I guess. Anyways, you have to watch this clip from the soup, it will tell you everything you need to know about the show. We have been obsessed with this lately.

Tell me, is saying someone is "smoking ballz" an insult or a compliment? I'll tell you more about Mystery and his methods later.

I really want to read the biography or Little Richard biography by Charles White. I am stopping myself from buying it online right now till I finish some of the books I have in line. But its tempting.

That my friends, is a party.

More soon......

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good song.

Hank williams


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chuck Berry.

You gotta see the awesomeness at 1:54.....his foot is like coordinated with the riff. thats showmanship.
I wrote a real good song about Little Richard last week. I think you'll like it when its all done.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

News, MJ, Little Richard.

So I wrote a long diatribe about Micheal Jackson and how I am getting sick of long diatribes about Micheal Jackson, and then it somehow all got erased instead of posting. I do not feel like re-doing it though. The gist is, I enjoyed his music alot but am not heartbroken about his death because his life was pretty tragic and he was pretty lonely. Not happy about it, but happy that he can rest from the craziness that enveloped him since he was a child.

Speaking of, they came out with these Stripped mixes of Jackson Five songs, without all the production of strings over the top. Just basically Micheal and the siblings. I'll pass on those. The production is half of what makes those songs so great.

Took a nice drive up through Canada a few weeks ago with my dad. It was a good time. We saw Buffalo, Black Bears, Deer, Elk, Rabbits, Caribou, ect. ect. XFM radio also makes that drive alot more tolerable. My dad bought a new truck in Kellog ID, hence the reason for the drive.

I took the DAT yesterday and am a little non-plussed about the results, I had hoped to do a little better. I am still applying now, but plan on trying to retake it in three months for a better score. You can't change the past so I am trying not to dwell on it. Specifically I thought I would do much better on the old PAT. It killed. I'm tired out. Slow Burn.

Applied for the train today. As much as I dread some of the aspects of the job I am excited to get back in the workforce and start making some cash. Things might get tighter soon so its good to have gainful employment I think. And it beats selling some crap door to door. If somehow the train thing doesn't work out, I am not adverse to heading back to Logan early, but I have to figure out if that is what I really want to do.

Other than that I am just trying to keep busy with different things. I was supposed to buck some hay bales today but it didn't happen for some reason or another. I am not too bummed, I get hayfever real bad if I don't take the perfect combination of allergy meds.

Man there are some good films that are gonna come out real soon. I am stoked about the Big Fan film trailer, Funny People, Shutter Island, The Road, District Nine, Sherlock Holmes, Hurt Locker, Bruno, The Invention of Lying. Will be a good year for Cinema even if half of those are flops.

Here is some little Richard to start your day off right. Dont tell him how a piano is supposed to sound.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tale from North America

This is a great video a friend sent me. Thought it deserved to go up.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Norm, Busdriver

Conan had Norm Macdonald on last night. For some reason that dude really cracks me up. He has a way of telling a joke that is bad that makes you feel as if you are the only one in on his sarcasm, and how bad the jokes are. I feel sorry for him that he never really has had a huge break into the mainstream.
Here is my favorite appearance of him. The best part is at around 5:45 and after. Norm kills it.

Man, the Lakers are ticking me off. Kobe doesn't need another win. Arrrrg.

Busdriver just released a new album called Jehli Bean. To me as a rapper he is like cotton candy, really good for a short period of time. I can't usually make it through an entire album because its too much insanity. But if you want to talk about technical skill, Busdriver has got it.
But here is one of the new songs that I thought was pretty cool by the by.

And here is one of his older tunes that I used to like.

We'll see if I can ever get through the entire new album. The voice sometimes annoys.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I found this to be funny, but somebody older than him had to have written it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mos Def. Huge Battle in New Orleans

ha ha ha ha.

I hate to say it, but Mos Def was actually pretty awesome on Letterman last night. I am generally not a fan of the guy. Maybe its because of a few talk shows I have seen him on...he came across horribly. Also the most his albums seem lazy and without much real content. I enjoyed the Black Star thing he did with Talib, but not as much as its enthusiasts. But pretty much anybody that can do the drums and rhyme like this has got to get a bit of respect. Also, listen for some of the weird glitches in the arrangement that he works through. Its pretty dope.

The album he was promoting came out today. I will have to give it a listen here soon.

In other Mos Def news, the guy has been talking for the past year or so about organizing a huge battle in New Orleans with all of rap musics "greats". The idea is to have it be a huge charity event, combining dj battles, b-boys, and of course the ultimate MC throwdown.

He wants to do teams of five rappers each and has mentioned his team will consist of him, Black Thought, MF Doom, Nas, and Jay Electronica.

He also wants a team from Jay Z and one from Kanye, which I am sure would include the likes of Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, Eminem?

I would put my money on Mos Def's team if only because it contains Doom. Black Thought has thrown some great lines out in the past as well. This would be something I would love to see in general. The way the system is today, the supposed "best" rappers never have to face each other down like the small local guys do. I am a horrible battle rapper, but always have enjoyed watching it because of the pressure that is forced to produce something awesome. Early hip-hop had alot of that tension to be the quickest at coming through with the punchlines. I am sure that these guys are not the greatest free-style artists in the world, probably not even close. I bet they write half the stuff they will say in the battle. But it will still be awesome to watch them go at each others throats, pre-written or not. I am officially pumped for this. Its supposed to go down in December.

If I were to put together a team of 5 people based on who I think would be deadliest, it would include Sage Francis, MF Doom, Eyedea, Mac Lethal, and Ghostface Killah. I think they are more battle tested, although not as universally known. They would bring home the cup I think.

ah speculations...

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Heart than Brains....

This Album is great for running late at night. I got a copy on vinyl too.

I give it 5 gold stars.

A few words about it....

Buck 65 is a rapper from Halifax Canada that has been around for some time now and gone through a lot of evolution. In the early days he made some pretty generic raps over sampled funk riffs, and it was enjoyable, but it wasn't the best music of its kind. He went under the moniker "Stinkin' Rich" and had a beard that wouldn't quit.

He also participated in several collaborations, one with Dose One of Anticon fame, and also the famed Sebutones. Both interesting stuff to delve into on another day.

Something snapped in him and he started making long mixtape style series that he called "Language Arts". Among these are two albums that I consider classics as far as Hip hop goes, "Man Overboard" and "Vertex". They are pretty lo-fi and take a few listens to recognize the genius of what he was doing. Today, I can listen to them any day in any mood and enjoy it immensely.

Having gained a serious fan base with this work, he made a album that was heavily produced, and made another 180 in his career. It was called Talking Honky Blues. It was great in its own right, but it labled him as an "alt-country" rapper for years. People are most familiar with this as his representation.

He worked for a few years to get out from under this label, and I think that with More Heart Than Brains, he severes ties with the "country rap idea". It is a collection of love songs, and the music is all done by electronic artist "Greetings from Tuscan". These electronic songs are actually very pretty. The lyrics seem complimentary to the feel of the music. As mentioned before, its also killer to run to in the nighttime.

So far my favorite track is "The Lazarus Phenomenon."

There is also a cover of MC Shan's MC SPACE which strangely fits well.

Anyways, something to give a close listen to I think.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baaaby, Trash TV, Fishing, NBA, Butte Puking, Car Prank

Hey blogosphere.

I am a new uncle. I guess not a new uncle, but +1 neice. Her name is Elsie, and she was born on Friday morning. I don't have any pictures. sorry. But she is a cute baby.

As much as I am a sucker for the reality T.V. mess that America has forced upon us, I can't stomach any of that new one "I'm a celebrity get me out of here." I caught about 20 minutes of it the other day and it was just awful. They need to just call it the "Spencer is the King of the Jungle" show. It is so horrible. But I admit I did laugh a little bit when Stephen Baldwin was baptizing spencer in the river while everyone was looking on. It was possibly the weirdest thing I have seen on Prime Time television.

I went fishing with some of the family out to Whittier. I caught 2 halibut and we also trapped about 170 shrimp in our pots. It was alot of fun and we had great weather Friday and Saturday.

I have never been a huge sports fan, but hatred unites all. I will be devastated if the Lakers stomp Orlando to the ground like they did the other night. I really am not an LA fan. Sit down Jack Nicholsen. Quit threatening the other team with mob violence.

I have got some new rhymes in the incubator. Doin' their thing. Exciting projects ahead. Just wait and see.

Last week I attempted to climb the butte and upchucked about 3/4 the way up. Somebody is out of shape. And bad....! I mean, it is time to rethink your lifestyle if you can't hike the Butte without your body hitting the eject button. It was a bad day.

By the way, this is a prank worth doing to someone you know. The best part is ths slomo of the guys face.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Iron Giant

Hey there.

I watched that cartoon that came out in 1999, "The Iron Giant" the other night. For some reason that thing almost made me cry. I don't know how they figured out the way they made that huge robot so loveable, but I was really sad about his whole predicament during the show. I guess this was a real flop in the box office, but don't let that discourage you from watching it if you haven't yet.

Studying is going swell. Lots of work to do ahead though.

David got married last week. Guess its time to start looking for a new roomate. The wedding was very nice. Good food.

Eminem has a new album out. It is as if he is a parody of himself now. Instead of trying to find some new direction he is just taking the easy shots, rhyming about how he hates teen celebrities still and what he is going to do about it. Booooriiing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Autotune, a little hiphop history.

I do greatly apologize for the absence. Life got quite busy and time got short. But there are rewards to this...

First of all, the with the autotune craze recently I thought this was hilarious. well put together. And it features the chop slap dude. Its like it was meant to be.

Armorie played last wednesday and on Monday in Salt Lake. It was a fun time. Today and yesterday we went and did a bit of recording. Things are sounding good. Skipping Stone is sounding cool when I am able to fix the little mistakes vocally.

Guess what? NocouponNopizza had their last jam session for a while this last saturday. It was fun. Please hear the new tunes and drop a line. Some good some bad. I like the way "Ain't no good sounds" Its a cover by the by.

I was telling my friend Cory about the greatness of Busta Rhymes back in the glory days of rap. I was thinking particularly of the work he did with the Leaders of the New School and Charlie Brown. But even more specifically, of the guest spot he did on this Tribe Called Quest Song. The first time I heard it I was blown away. This was even after being introduced to the lame BustaRhymes that usually shows up to sluff guest verses with people like the PussyCat Dolls. The song that I am speaking of is "Scenario", and its a good jam either way being a TCQ joint and Q-tip delivers as always, but Busta makes 'em look like ameteurs. His verse starts at about 2:40. I miss this type of energy in rap. The insane costumes and bugged out dance moves also do not hurt his cause.

So about 2 years ago I saw them do a reprise of this song at a Hip Hop Honors night. Busta Rhymes came out at the end dressed coat that was about 8 times too big for him. When he came out you could hardly hear him because he was screaming the verse and the people were going nuts. I could not stop laughing in the first few seconds of the performance. You can't hear a word and he is just flailing around like a madman. I found it on the net on this Japanese site. If you are interested, you should take the time to fast forward to the end where he comes out and is going nuts.

If you are too lazy to look that up, here is a different one, but not quite as grandiose, as it is when the song first came out and his verse didn't have the legendary title yet. But a good watch.

Sorry to be forcing hip-hop history on you. I know most aren't interested, but I have been on the vibe lately listening to some of my old favorites. I probably will be blogging a bit more about it than less.

Oh by the way, Q-tip is still dope. Even when he keeps it real simple, his voice carries a song. He made that group, and it makes me glad he is still getting some props today. Don't beleive?

This is a bit video heavy, but necessary to illustrate the thought.

got to get ready to move

Monday, April 20, 2009

Potato Salad Sisters, 40 pizza rolls, cookie jarvis.

I just finished with my first final. Basically is was peach and cake. So down one, 3 to go, seeing as I finished one of my mostly online classes about 2 weeks ago. Let it be said though, that the next two weeks will be quite busy. Too busy for my liking.

Last night Herchyl and Natalie got booted off the Celeb Apprentice. While they weren't the best players, it was obvious that Clint needs to go. He is messing everything up and being a punk about everything. As Rodman would say to him, "Its a team game!"
Jesse James is still in the clear and doing well. Just hope that he doesnt have to raise a bunch of money by using his friends, because it appears that he is strictly adverse to doing that. I agree, how annoying is it to keep calling up your rich friends for money?

By the way, this is the strangest thing I have EVER seen. Maybe one of the most disturbing too. They are singing a song about potato salad and then things get crazy!!!!
I give you the Ross Sisters.

Welp. that was awesome.

Summertime she comes! Alaska is going to be fun. I need a job still though.

I am pretty sure that we will have a good crowd at the armorie show on Wednesday. Which will be good. I am nervous to play without the full band effect, but I think things should still go down quite nicely.

Only watch this if you are not the least bit squeamish, I almost lost it during the first minute. This is everything wrong with America.

I can just imagine his mom coming home and opening the freezer. "That porker ate the whole bag of pizza rolls in one sitting again!!"
Off to go shopping!

One more gross eating video
This guy is like the Billy Mitchell of Eating

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Death of Csmooth????? maybe....

Hello there loyal readers.

I am headed to work in a few go serve some skillets to some geezers who think they are kings. The menu has changed up a bit and I got to get that down. I am actually not bummed to be going to work though, I need to get my rear out of this chair. I have been working on a school project most of the morning.

The rap show went well last night, definitely had a good time. There were a good amount of random people there for the other three bands and I don't know if I was what they were expecting. In fact there were two old ladies there looking at artwork that looked as if they had just been blasted to the future and were trying to figure it out. I take that as a good sign. Thanks to those of you who showed up. You may have witnessed the last Calvin Smooth show of all time. Yes, I have been putting some thought into and thinking that it is time to hang up the cape for at least a while. I am not going to say that I am "retiring", because that way if I ever do come back to writing rhymes again, then it will be about as annoying as Jay-Z quitting and then coming back to make more albums. He should of stayed away. Naw, I'm more of taking a long break without a definite end. There are several reasons for this decision.

1. I think I told the story I wanted to tell with Calvin Smooth. He is a character who is slightly obnoxious and full of himself although sometimes secretly has his doubts about his own belief system. He had songs that were full of boasting and strong opinions, and a that showed a bit of insecurities deep down. He destroyed the beast and then wallowed in the aftermath of that for a while, before ripping out the sting and laying it all out on the line. After a while he just kind of went out of his mind and wished that the challenge hadn't already been surmounted. It was the arc that I always had planned for that character since my Junior year of highschool, and the 3 albums I have kind of follow it nicely. Its time for him to go away for a while and figure out what to do next. He is kind of in a weird stasis right now and sick of the game. As he said in "Spotlight Burns", "Someone else will come around, I will make my peace, I'll let them grab the microphone, complain about the beast". That time has come.

2. I think that hip-hop has a certain stigma in Utah that is hard to break. People still think Gangtser rap is what rap is. I have a different view. It is very difficult to make people come see a hip hop show without them knowing exactly what you will be doing and saying. I think most people enjoyed the shows when they came out, but its that first hump that is difficult. Logan especially isn't all that interested in live shows, which is fine. I am more into recording the stuff and giving it away anyways. Maybe the supply is too high. So I decide to gracefully bow out to decrease the supply. I will still do stuff with the band live, but live shows in Logan is too much work for a one or two faithful people who come out.

3. I want to move on to something different. I don't want to be one of those poeple who makes the same songs over and over again. So I am going to try my hand at a few different things for a while. Going to compose some stuff for other people, write some melodies, ect. I have alot to learn. I want to play some classical piano too. This summer is a good time to get jumpstarted in all that I think. School has taken its toll and it is time for a huge change of pace, musically included. I killed the beast? What more could you want?

So thanks for anyone who has ever come see Calvin Smooth do his thing. There is hope that someday for some circumstance he will come out again, flag waving to save the world from some new threat. Something in proportion to his inner strengths. But for now he is in hiding in some cave somewheres. I still have a bunch of music to give away if you want some.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rivers Girls, Neil, New Music

So things are winding down here at school. Just finishing up some papers and starting to study for the finals, which will be no fun. I have alot of work to do in that area, but hope to get a good jump on it tonight.

If you haven't been keeping up on the Celebrity Apprentice you are missing out. The Rivers ladies are losing their minds slowly but surely.

Last week Joan about killed Clint Black, but this week they have formed an alliance against Annie Duke and Brande. Things are getting intense. Brian McKnight kind of laid down and died though. He must have had other things to do, and I don't blame him for wanting to get away from all of that craziness. I still think Jesse has got a good chance of taking the whole thing unless some freak accident eliminates him. He seems to be the best player right now.

Went to the Neil Young night the other day that they USU guitar club put on. Aside from taking forever to start and alot of setup time, it was pretty good. I did a tune from one of the newer albums. I also went and caught the last few songs at the Fictionist show at Whysound and that was fantastic. I'd see them again.

Speaking of band news, I am doing my last Hip hop show as Calvin Smooth for the school year at Whysound this Friday. It starts at 8:00 and I will be opening the show, so stop by if you are in the vicinity. I have some new songs and some special guests that are going to help out during the set. Its gonna be weird.

Also, I will doing my last few sets with armorie on the 22nd at Whysound, and on the 27th at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City. Hope to see you there. We are excited to play those shows. They will be the last until next year of course.

Had to work on Easter, but it was alright. I made like 50 bucks and also we had a huge party with Chilis, Dominos, and Ice cream cake. It made the night worth having to be stuck serving people their coffee on a holiday.

If your looking for some interesting new music, then here are some things I have been digging lately.

1. Bats For Lashes (Both her albums are very good. Get it today)

2. Bromst-Dan Deacon (Very excited to see this show on the 29th)

I understand how weird of a performance that is. Thats what makes it so funny. he must have confused the heck out of those local news peoples. This is not an accurate representation of the new album though.
3. Wavvves (Lo-fi Punk rock?)

That should do for now.

Oh yeah, and Keith and I will be playing for a benefit show on Thursday at 8 PM at the Lindstrom Center. Will be fun I think. Keith went to see Britney Spears tonight. Make fun of him.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unusual Texting, Notes

Kind of was a lousy weekend, despite a good General Conference.

But here is a funny/odd story.

I was in the TSC studying for a test, and i have the follow transaction through text messages.

Unknown Number: "Hey whats up"
Me: Not much how are you?
Unkown Number: Hey whats your name?
Me: Who is this?
UN: Derek aka smiley
Me: this is Calvin
UN: calvin?
Me: yes how do I know you?
UN: whats your last name?
Me: kenley
UN: where do you live?
Me: Logan. listen I dont think I know you.
UN: no, I want to be your friend, listen, calvin can you do me a favor?
Me: what would that be?
UN: well ok, i need 250 dollars by tomorrow or else i go to jail but i don't get paid til next week so i was wounderin if you can loan me 250 i will pay you back. please if u can go to walmart and moneygram it to me today.
Me: I don't do favors like that for people i don't know.
UN: Please, I will send you a picture of myself! (He send a picture of himself, he is a latin looking dude with a mustache and a Skyview Sweatshirt on)
Me: this is really weird man. how did you even get my number
UN: Please i will pay you back
Me: Why do you have my number?
UN: Please I will pay you back I promise!
Me: Your not answering my question.
UN: Ok fine, I seen a picture of you on mandi's facebook and i saw you number that is how i got to talk to you please will you help me, i will pay you back!
Me: Can't help you. Go to one of those quickloan places.

At this point I stopped texting for about 2 hours. About every half an hour I received a message like this.

UN: Please Please! I said I will pay you back, I promise! I will pay you back!

Finally I texted him back
UN: Ok. Fine. tell me how i can get that money you said at quickloan???
Me: Search on the internet for fastcash in logan
UN: Do i get it for free
Me: No you have to leave some sort of collateral, something of value
UN: Like what tell me
Me: A car title or pay stub or something like that
UN: Like a social security card or ID card?
Me: No it has to have monetary value, like a car title. at least worth the loan amount.
UN: I dont have that if u help me i promise to pay!
Me: no can do
UN: Why?
Me: Because there is no way i am giving money to some random guy who gets my number off facebook. promises are worth nothing, you can just run with the money. you are crazy thinking someone will give you a loan like that. especially that you have never met before.
UN: Do you know anybody? (Now its like that curse on the ring where you have to pass it on. Lucky for you I did not punish anyone by giving him their number)
Me: Not that would help you. Goodbye.

That was the last I heard of him. Man was he annoying. Needless to say, I took my number off facebook and blocked the dude and any public from seeing my account. I did a bit of research, he is a real guy, not somebody trying to prank me. what a creepster. I bet he was either an addict that really needed some drug money, or somebody that was owed somebody else some major cash. Either way, your not safe posting info. on line. There are a lot of psychos out there.

Saw Barton Fink for the first time and man was it crazy.

Eminems new songs are worse than ever before. Absolute garbage.

Celebrity Apprentice had a double firing this week. It seemed like a very ratings based decision. Trump fired two very boring people who didn't contribute to the feel of the show. Chloe got canned because he found out she had a DUI whereas the TLC chick "T-boz" went because she volunteered to go into the bored room, and as Trump says, "Never volunteer for anything negative!" Clint clearly should have been the only one to go. He was being such a weirdo during the whole task. Anyways, Junk TV sometimes can be soooo good.

We were supposed to play on campus today as part of the Day on the Quad. This mornign they cancelled the Quad stuff because it looked like it was going to rain. But now its beautiful out there. What the heck weather??

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dance moves that rock.

This is what joy really looks like.

I think the weird butt slap may be the key to his power.

wonder if anyone enjoys this as much as i do.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Musics, Tetris, Prince

"What up. To all rappers shut up. And While your shuttin' up put a shirt on, at least a button up. Yuck. Its like these rappers is strippin males, outta work jerks since they shut down chippendales."
-I think this is my favorite MF Doom line at the moment. Cracks me up.

Good weekend I guess, relatively relaxed. Did you see that Rodman finally got booted off the Apprentice? Thank goodness. That guy is a train wreck. But I do like how he responds to everything by saying, "Absolutely" Even when somebody asked him if he was out of work and in hard times he didn't miss a beat. "Absolutely". Donald told him he was fired. "Absolutely". Glad hes gone though. I wish that show were only 1 hour instead of 2. It takes up a little to much of my life I think.

Big ups to Andrew for getting me this Loney Dear CD. Its real real good. You should get it too. Very awesome. I am also digging Wavvves quite a bit right now. Good new musics. Also, as far as rap goes, I am freaking out over this rapper Serengeti. Here is a weird but promising sample of his work. He is playing a chicagoan character obviously.

Saw this on familyguy the other night and laughed for a long time about it. I have had this experience alot of times.

Prince was on Jay Leno the last 3 nights in row, and was perpetually entertaining. That guy may not be the best songwriter, but he shreds the guitar. I have to post this too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seminars, Fees, Sales

Just got done typing up a bunch of TPS reports. Or at least thats what it felt like. I had to go to a business seminar up on campus for about 3 hours and then type a couple of pages of notes on what was said and send it off to the superiors. Tomorrow I have a similar fate lined out for me. Here's my thoughts. If you are going to force me to go to these things, at least have speakers there that will tell me something that I don't know already. One guy talked about how the number one complaint in the workplace is not enough recognition. Its what makes people quit the job they are in. That is all fine and dandy, common sense if you will, and it was good to say that in case some managers in attendance were not aware of it. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, he then went on to show surveys and information gathered at why recognition/acknowledgement is so crucial to a healthy and productive work environment. Over and over he pounded this into our head for about an hour. I think that is already understood! Why not talk about the reasons that it is not being done in the workplace in America, or talking about how one can impliment these tactics on a regular basis? Give some ways to show recognition. Or even have plans for programs to impliment. I am sure everyone understands that it is beneficial, now show them how to do it.

All three of the seminars were similarly redundant and not all that informative. I know, I paid attention and took pages of notes. Most my notes were just evidences of the main point though. I am not interested in the evidences so much as what needs to be done in light of the evidence. And you can't just say, "Recognize people more." There is some barrier in the way of people doing that, and it needs to be discussed.

Sorry for the boring rant, but school sometimes seems odd to me.

Speaking of, they are increasing our sports fee by $60 yesterday. I voted against it and spoke out to get to people to do it as well, but the sports people had a booth set up with laptops and got everyone that passed to vote for it. I don't really want to get into this too deep, but why am i paying for something that I don't participate in. The majority of the university does not attend those games. Majority being more than 50%. So why are we having to pay money for it? I dont make people pay for my piano lessons. Let me keep my 60 bucks and I'll shut up. Maybe I will do a more extensive blog on this later, but I want to make it clear that I am not against sports. I am against paying for YOU to do sports. Do it yourself. Its not a crucial part of the education process...physical fitness is, but not sports. Sorry. If I want a ticket to the game I will be happy to pay for it.

This is a negative post.

One more little juicy bit of complaint.

The other day some kid I haven't seen in years comes up to me and strikes up a conversation. He acts like we used to be best friends. We hardly spoke to each other then, when we were living in the same apartment, he couldn't give a hoot about me then. But all the sudden he is asking me questions about my life and people we used to know, and then asks me for my number and says "We need to catch up sometime." As far as I'm concerned, we just did catch up as much as was neccessary. But I give him the number, thinking maybe he just wants a friend now that he is married. Maybe he is lonely or something.

So I gives him the number. Then I was chatting with another old friend who I actually keep in touch with, and she tells me, (from experience) that he is going to call me and try and sell me the product that he offers as part of the business he is involved in. Well that was that. I am okay with a guy trying to do his job, but he got my number with the claim that we were going to "Catch up on things" or something like that. So the truth is, he doesn't see anything but a dollar bill sign on my face. This somehow makes me very angry with people in business in general. Either you want to be my friend, or you want to sell me something. One or the other. If your my friend and you offer me what you sell, and I reject it, it shouldn't hurt your feelings, because there is always a base there. But if your fronting as a friend and using it as a guise to sell me a product, I have major beef with you. Ask me if I want your product, and don't try to score points and sell your friendship along with the product. I have seen this done alot to much dismay. Even in the church sometimes people will try to "befriend" non-members only when they see that they may have an interest in the gospel. Well it sickens me a tad.

So yeah, he has called my phone about 8 times in the past week and is pretty determined to get me to answer. I am not doing it, because I have his name on ID on my phone and anytime it comes up I ignore that sucker. You would think he would get the picture after leaving 3 messages. I am not going to even waste either of our precious time.

If I did answer, the conversation would go something like this.
"Hi Calvin, How have you been."
"Good, what can I do for you."
"Well as part of my work I am doing these presentations to people in the neighborhood and was wondering if I could meet with you."
"Well, I am not in the position to buy anything like that right now."
"Well I am not selling anything yet, just presenting. You don't even know what it is."
"Yeah, but I know i don't want it. Why go through all the steps to say no? I will say no."
"Yeah I just thought we could catch up and I could do this thing for my work."
"One or the other dude, no dressing it up. Not interested."
"I understand, do you have any friends I can present to."

Now your really in trouble. He knows that you saying a name can't hurt you too bad. Except for the fact that he will use your name as a reference and an in to their world. You know your friends are really not interested, so its almost like you cast a miserable hex on whoever you name. Like the Salem Witch Trials, or the Inquisition, or the Communist party or something. Or better yet, its like the Ring, where the only way to get rid of the curse yourself is to cast it on somebody else. And so it goes.

And again, salesmen are people too, I have no issue with them doing what they do. Some of the products are legit and people are happy with them. Some people want it. But far too many times it is forced upon the buyer by some questionable tactics, such as the ones this guy tried to use on me. I don't have the perpetrator, just the snakey tactics that he employed. Theres a right way to go about things and a wrong way. The right way will give you more sales in the long run, people will trust you and seperate you from the position if you can offer the product without attaching your friendship to it like a trojan horse.

Enough Ranting. Sorry if anyone disagrees about any of the above, I'd like to hear your rebuttles if its the case though.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

jesse pulls it off, reads, dylan, themselves

Good week.

Had a fun show on Thursday night in which we played alot of newish stuff. Some of it I am pretty happy with the way they are transforming. Should have some recordings of it done soon that will be at the least quite listenable.

Finally, the guys win an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice. Dennis Rodman is getting crazier and crazier. This week he almost got in a fist fight with Clint Black, and then said he quit and threw his microphone across the room. But Jesse James pulled through and they were able to win the competition. That guy is pretty smart, and I am hoping he wins. Obviously though that there are more competitive girl players than guys. You do not want to go against the River's Mother Daugher alliance. It will crush you. That deal or no deal girl tried it and look what happened to her!

I read The Great Divorce on Friday Night/Saturday, and really enjoyed it. It was a quick read and I listened to some good instumental records during. It got me thinking about alot of things that are important and I renewed my vow to try to read more. I finished a book a started a month or so called "I'm a Stranger Here Myself". It was pretty entertaining. Now I am reading something by Neal A. Maxwell called "If thou Endure it Well". Its pretty cryptic so its slow going, but its of course really engrossing.

Also I got into a mood this week to listen to some audiobooks while I was walking around and driving. I read Bob Dylan's Chronicles this summer, and I had an audiobook version of it. I liked it alot this summer, so I tried it out again. Its a little hard to follow with all the rambling he does, but it was still an entertaining remenisence. Especially when you know the songs that he is referring to. I think my favorite part of the book is when he is talking about the "Oh Mercy" sessions and how frustrating it was to work with the producer and the musicians just to make a record that was only given a mediochre reception. I thought it was interesting to hear an honest portrayl of how those sessions go.

The hip hop group themselves released a free 40 minute mixtape recently that kills anything you've heard lately. It makes you wonder how it can be so good. And its loaded with guests. At the beginning Dose One says something like..."Lots of people talking trash but won't ever come battle me to my face." Then he says to eliminate all excuses he will give his home address, and spits out the street. Its a pretty great line. I doubt many could have a chance against him.

Must go. write more later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break, St.Patty Show, Flicks, Celeb Apprentice


Spring Break was good. I read a bit, listened to some music, worked on some projects, worked at Village Inn, watched a few flicks, hung out with a few friends, ect. All in the name of a good time.

First off, if you are in the area, Armorie is playing on St. Patrick's day, or tomorrow night. Its going to be at 6:00 PM. Also playing are the Castannettes and Baby Britain. It's at a place called the Pool House in Logan. Love to see you there if you can make it. We are going to do many new-ish songs. Yesterday we practiced with a full PA setup and it was alot of fun. We are pumped to play.

I watched Synecdoche New York over the break. It was really strange but I enjoyed it alot. Probably the most I've enjoyed a Kaufmann film since Adaptation. Its not something that everybody will enjoy because it takes alot of work to follow, but if you want some non-traditional movie-viewing I would reccommmend it.

Also, The Celebrity Apprentice has got me addicted. I can't believe I am wasting time on it, but its dang entertaining. The guys team is getting their butts handed to them this year, its embarrassing. Tom Green got fired last night, and although he brutally sucked as a team leader, Dennis Rodman was the one who deserved to get sent home. The guy didn't even show up to the challenge, claiming that his eyes hurt when he was clearly just hung-over. I am rooting for Jesse James to win the whole thing, although he probably doesn't have as many celebrity connections to call in for help to pull it off. If I were to predict the winner right now, it would probably be Joan Rivers strangely enough. That alien plastic faced woman has got some skills. Next week supposedly Rodman is going to have a meltdown and flip out on Clint Black. Dreams come true.

Well I have alot of work to do now that school has got up and running again.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break, REM, Roots

Whats up y'all...
Just wanted to drop in to say hi.
And to wish you a very happy Spring Break, because everybody knows you get to start one day early!

I have some fun things I'm going to do, but also a bit of work at the same time. And gotta get caught up and geniafied on my schoolwork.

Had a test today that I think went pretty was difficult but I was ready for it. Anyways, happy that it all is over for a week or so.

I entered a little competition with a few friends on youtube. The goal was to create a creative cover of an R.E.M. song. So we tried a few things. Give them a view when you get a chance? The judging will happen tomorrow, and it probably would help to get our video viewed a little bit. Let us know what you think.

End of the World

Everybody Hurts (Lounge style)

Driver 8

We threw them together pretty quick...I will let you know the results.

What do you think of Jimmy Fallon hosting the late show? I really am not digging it right now, but I think he is slowly getting better. He seems so nervous the whole if any minute he is going to break down and cry. He is pretty awkward all by himself, but with the guests he is a bit better. Good interviewer. I will say that his band is freaking cool though.

Who thought they would someday be a late night band....I mean they are almost too raw for it...

More to come.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bird, Zachary, DI finds, Rape Stats?


After enduring some difficult tests yesterday I went to see Loney Dear and Andrew Bird. Both were really really great and although the place was very crowded I am glad that I decided to go. I bought one of Martin Dosh's albums (Bird's drummer and a great solo act as well) and a tour poster that is pretty awesome. The whole show had alot of switching of instruments and looping and it was cool just to see how they used the technology to make the songs sound as full live as they do on the recordings. If he comes to your town...go. Here is some Martin Dosh doing his thing....its off of the album I bought yesterday and called Capture the Flag.

Today I watched a semi-disturbing documentary at Kevin's house called Dear Zachary. It is an incredibly sad story about a guy who gets murdered by his girlfriend, who was pregnant with his son. I don't want to give too much away so I will just tell you to see it and that it has a major twist at the end. Its a movie that you should watch, but it might leave you a little depressed. Here is the trailer for it, which is not all that exciting, but the movie is definitely reccommended viewing.

I also stopped by the the old Deseret Industries to browse a bit on my way home. I got pumped when I found a little casio keyboard there, but it didn't work. I grabbed a few old Mark Twain books, found a copy of Catch me if you can (the book by Frank Abengale), and also Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck. I read Grapes of wrath in High school and enjoyed it then, so if I get time on my hands I would like to do it again. Its a book worth owning for one dollar.

I also bought a record that has all of the Chopin Waltzes on it, which I am pretty excited about. I became a huge fan of this stuff while in Guatemala on the mission. I even tried to learn this one during the summer. Its extremely difficult, but it may be my very favorite classical piano peice of all time. Its got a very sing-a-long-ish melody and interesting rhythmic backing. Listen closely.

I think this guy places it slightly too fast.

Oh and for this real or not? I hate Nancy Grace. Rape stats?

Another Awkward moment.

Tommorow I have to go interview with one of the Dental Board of Review people at Utah State. Wonderful. I am dreading it. Trying not to though.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

armorie, andrewbird, baptazia

Hey you guys.

You may notice I write a bit less on the blog lately. Been busy. Thats a good excuse.

We played as armorie Thursday night and had a great time opening for Desert Noises, Drew Capener and Ruru. It was great to play first because we got a decent soundcheck and I think it really helped things go off without a hitch for the show. Here are a few pictures of the event.

This week I am going to go see Andrew Bird in Salt Lake. He's a great musician and I am excited for this one. He does alot of looping in his songs. And he can whistle like no other.

I have been working on some new material that should surface next month. Until then to hold you over, you can check out a couple semi-new rap songs I've posted at There are some live ones and some real low quality bedroom recordings. Some are pretty hyperbolic so don't be scared.

I have been addicted to watching these baptazia videos lately. THey are just basically evangelical churches services set to heavy dance bass and drums music. It makes it hard to tell if you are watching a crazy rave or a church service. Maybe the thing will evolve so that people will just go to these churches to party and dance...I have to admit that some of it does look almost painful though. This totally clears up though why MC Hammer used to be a preacher. The dances and all.

I think my favorite guy in the above video is the one at 3:30, and 2:56 with the old lady.
Here is one more for you viewing pleasure.

I cant decide the best part of that one.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strange Mashups, Letterman appearances

Just messing around with some sampling equipment that a friend Eric sent me. Its freaking awesome. I kind of want one now. Maybe this summer I will get one to play with when I am not working endlessly.

I have some tests coming up next week though so it is time to stop being so freaking lazy. Just in the nature I guess. ANd this weekend will suck cuz I am working both Friday and Saturday.

I enjoyed this remix very much. Its as if its meant to be. Cory gave it to me on some mix cd of strange mashups. This one was a gem though. Beyonce is still the most fly, \ I dont care what anyone says. The dance in Single Ladies proves it.

Also, it seems that Joaquin Phoenix is pulling some Kaufmanesk stunt. He is not all that great at it, surprising since he is a fairly good actor in films, but cannot deceive people in real life. It think he looks alot like he is going to try out for Teen Wolf 3. Which could use another sequel I think.

To see something that is really puzzling, not just trying to be puzzling...check this out.

and heres harvey pekar


Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day Show, Sportz Fanz

Hello loyal readers:

This weekend has been fun aside from having to put up with the shmoopiness of Dave and his fiance. (Shes been visiting this weekend from Rexburg and it was Valentines day, so extra blech!!) I survived...somehow, and now I use a suit that cryptobionically keeps my temperature at 0 degrees and is fueled by Diamonds. (Rita may be the only one to get that joke, sorry.)

I did go to the P.O.S. concert at Kilby court on friday with some friends and we had a good time. It was a little crowded in the venue, but still entertaining and I bought some good records afterwards. The drive home was scary through the canyon but we made it, and then on Saturday it really dumped snow.

Saturday I did a show at Whysound with the Crooked Beats. I did about 40 minutes of my own stuff, it had been quite a while since I had performed that much on my own. It went really well and I think everyone enjoyed it. The setlist was as follows.

1. Kill Rockstars
2. Laughing with Mouth Closed
3. Pro-Politics
4. Smooth Spitz Game
5. Youngest Man on Earth
6. SummerSummerSummertime
7. Taxidermy
8. The Web Remixt
9. Man Says No
10. With the Birds

It was alot of fun to do the theatrics again. Here are some pictures of the event.

Today I have been just tidying up and getting ready for school again. Read a book for a class about Positive Leadership which really got me thinking about how I treat people that I don't need. I think it will take a concerted effort to impliment some of the things in the book but I think it will be worth it. I decided its goood to read some motivational material once in a while, as much as I loathe the idea of a "self-help" book. I am a fan of literature and history, but not so much inspirational or how-to books. Guess I need a balance.

We are playing on Thursday as armorie at 8. You should come.

I also bought some of this for the sandwhiches I pack for school lunch...and if you aint had it, your missing out.

I thought this was really really really funny. Its at the Jumbodome caught on camera during a sports game. I like this guy's enthusiasm. More people should get this excited about what they enjoy. Even if it is sports.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rap battle, Job Hassle, Top Ten Albums of 08

So last night I went to a rap battle on campus. I was not aware it was a rap battle, otherwise I might have not gone. A friend asked me to come do a song, so I obliged, and before I knew it, I was facing off against some gangsta rapper telling me how nerdy I was and how much he was going to kill me. I have not done one of these things for about 6 years, so it was definitely weird. But I held my own...spit some rhymes at fools. Took second (it was crowd judged) and won 20 dollars to Wal-Mart. I am going to buy a bunch of cereal, and some milk. Whoopee!

Last time I did a battle was in Alaska 2003 and it was downright scary. Everyone there hated me. It became a total racial "bash on the white dude" thing and I think I left with more enemies than friends. Have me tell you the story sometime in person because I'm too lazy to write about it.

Gotta work tonight, picking up somebodies shift. Oh well. I need the cash for various things. I decided that I am not the waiter type though. You couldn't make a worse waiter than me...because I don't care about your special needs when it comes to food. Let me just give it to you, and you leave me some cash. I dont want to know your life story, and I dont want you to know mine, and I don't want to act like somebody else while I am giving you the food. Order, Eat, Tip. I'm busy. Can't be bothered.
That may be a bit extreme, but that is why I am not all that cut out for the job. But it is a job.

Headed to P.O.S. this weekend in Salt Lake at Kilby Court. Its gonna be a cool show. Never Better.

Once again there is a show Saturday at Whysound. Gotta a fun rap set put together. I think I am on right at 7 this time around, so if you want to come, come on time. Crooked Beats, Navigator, and Cousin Songs are playing as well. Gonna Kill it.

Oh by the way, sorry the videos in the post below got deleted. I will try to find replacements shortly. They show that the Grammys are just a show....although Radiohead deserves whatever praise they get.

Speaking are my top ten albums of 2008. Once again, totally my opinions and bias.

1. Jolie Holland "The Living and The Dead". It was a tough decision choosing number one, but I have gone back to this album over and over again in the past months without it getting old. Her voice is that mezmerizing, and it great classical songwriting. The genre is maybe rock/folk-country, and she does it better than anyone. Its very honest and I think its my favorite thing to come out this year.

2. Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend". This album was great from first listen and is still incredibly catchy. They also became their own genre, which is something every band should strive to do. I saw them last spring and the sound was excellent live. It was one of the most crowded shows I have been to recently, but it was still great. If you haven't heard them, (and you may be the only one) give them a try.

3. Buck 65 "Dirtbike 1-3". This is the greatest rapper in the world with maybe some of his best work yet. He released the 3 hour opus for free online, and its all very low quality, quickly thrown together stuff, but its fantastic. A lot of throwbacks and references and it doesnt sound as is he is trying so hard. Also there are some great guests on it. And once again its free!

4. Jamie Lidell "Jim". I get a kick out of Jamie Lidell, weird as he is. The amazing thing to me is that the music is so creative...and then there is his voice. Its good even for those looking for the traditional definition. Even my brother enjoys this album. But how could you not? Its what Taylor Hicks would be if he was actually cool...and could sing well in a recording booth.

5. Alopecia "WhY?". I have been listening to Why since Highschool and watched him go from an abstract rapper to having one of the stranger indie bands around. Alopecia is a combination of his hip-hop skills and singing. Don't be too weirded out by his voice. He has alot to say about things you never thought would be interesting. I did not like this album quite as much as the last one, but it definitely was not a backslide at all...just different.

6. Islands "Arm's Way". This album did not get treated fairly by alot of reviewers. I am sick of defending it. Most people are mad because they did not make the same album as last time, and to me that is admirable. They totally switched directions. Every song on there is epic in nature and maybe takes more patience, but they are still great songs, and alot more mature than the "Return to the Sea" thing.

7. Sigur Ros "Meo suo i eyrum vio spilum endalaust". This band never dissapoints. Ever. Enough said.

8. Wale "Mixtape about nothing". Thanks to Cory for turning me onto this. It was a free mixtape the rapper Wale released on his website, and the linking theme is Seinfeld. Sounds cheezy? I agree. Is it cheezy? No. Its great. There are samples from the show in lots of the songs and usually they forward the topic he is taking on. It is not about seinfeld, it just uses the templates to dig into his mind. And its awesome. And free.

9. Flying Lotus "Los Angeles". Thanks to Greg for getting me into this. REally grimy beats with lots of feedback and static pops. The entire thing bleeds into one song basically, so its hard to pick a track that you like. The entire hour though is really shifting and has a great feed to the whole thing.

10. Deefhoof "Offend Maggie". I had a hard time understanding Deerhoof before, but this album made it all make sense to me. When the first song hits with the hard guitar and the soft, almost indecipherable quiet singing, I'm sold. Its great. Check it out.

Opinions? Anything you would bump??