Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christylez, God Warrior, Lambert

I went to a crazy Hip-Hop writing workshop last night with Natalie. We were the only ones signed up so I was a little worried. The name of the guy teaching the class was "Christyles Bacon" and I thought it would be an interesting experience to see what he could possibly say about writing a rap song. Luckily there were more people there than had signed up originally, about 25 in all. The teacher turned out to be pretty cool. I'm not sure I learned much about songwriting that I hadn't already considered, but it was a strange experience, especially to occur at USU. He made us write a song about Aggie Ice Cream and perform it while he beatboxed and a piano player jammed. We wrote a song about getting obese from eating too much of it. It was a major hit.

So many people liked the last wife-swap clip that I figured you ought to see more of the insane people they find for this show. This lady especially has been popular. The clip begins with her getting home after her stint as the mother of another family. You'll get the picture. Shes a God-Warrior.

This lady is the dark-sided one, if anything. I know this is not as flattering as King Curtis is, but theres alot of freaks out there.

I read this book by Elna Baker called "At the New York Regional Singles Halloween Dance". I got it for Nat, but read it in a few hours before I gave it to her. Its an interesting take on trying to be Mormon but also trying to live in the world without being considered too weird. Amongst many other things. Reccommend. Its funny.

Did anyone else see this?

That girl is a killer!!

More Later.

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lori said...

Ok, I saw that whole episode with that crazy lady. She was insane. But, so popular that she's actually been on wife swap twice now. Maybe it's because she wanted another chance at the $50,000 check she tore up. On her second episode she is much better behaved, friends and family are too. She's still crazy though.