Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dylan's Christmas, Herb Alpert, Disney Fail.

I have to work at 9:00 tonight. It seems like I've been working alot lately, but that's a good thing, I can use the cash. I am just sick of getting syrup all over myself. I really hate syrup....really anthing that sticky shouldn't be consumed. Speaking of, I have never liked pancakes very much. Way too bready. Seriously, I choked them down as a kid when my mom would make them, but pancakes are straight gross. They are really popular at the restaurant, but I will never understand it.

I was listening to Bob Dylan's Christmas album this last week. I don't care what people say about, its funny. I think the fact that he made it is like a slap in the face of his hardcore 60's fan, and after reading Chronicles I think he knew that. In fact, I bet that making people angry or annoyed was part of the objective. I appreciate people who play jokes for only their own benefit. It has to be important to have your own peculiar sense of humor and do things that cater to it. Dylan definitely does this. Just watching some of those documentaries makes you appreciate his cynicism and how it made him deal with fame.

This weekend I played some music with my friend Russ and recorded some stuff. Maybe we will up it soon to the myspace. He just bought a Nord 3, a Dr. Sample, a Kaoss pad, and Electribe Synth. I think I fell in love with the Nord and Sample machine. It makes sampling so easy. In fact, we spent a while tearing apart some records I got. The best by far to work with was one by Isaac Hayes called Three Tough Guys. Its a soundtrack from some blaxploitation film he did and its great.

I also found some Herb Alpert, Bach, and a few records featuring the organ. We have alot to sift through.

Do you want to see something bizarre?

I don't see how this could happen...



andrew said...

Way too bready.

Taffy and Tony said...

I'm with ya on the pancakes--gross. And the Disney this is a little bizarre. I can see this happening now with computer animation, but didn't realize they could do it with animation from hand-drawn sketches?