Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyonce, King Curtis, Larper

My peoplez....

Its very possible I may become server of the month at Village Inn. Not that anybody there cares about the title, but its going to be awesome to push other servers out of the way and say, "excuse...server of the month coming through," and that jazz. I am really the worst server there, so its really going to irk some peeps that I have some sort of validation claiming I'm the best. Maybe this is the best thing thats ever happened to me?

This baby was born to get down. It seems that age is not a precursor for loving Beyonce. Nobody can resist dancing to this song.

I ordered that Little Richard Bio. I think it will be an interesting read. Dude invented much of Rock and Roll and probably took more risks than any performer ever. You can't dress like that and scream in front of a bunch of white people and not think its going to have people calling you the devil. Eventually Richard agreed with them and became a preacher and shunned his output. Then he went back and forth for a while. I like conflicts like that and think everybody has them on some level. I'll let you know what I think of the book.

I don't know if any of you watch Wife Swap on ABC, but its awesome. Just some trash TV that shows you why your family is better than any other family. On the other hand, King Curtis is pretty fresh. This kid is bratty but surprisingly articulate for his age. I like that he thinks Bacon is good for him too. Oh, by the way, the premise of the show is that the two families swap wives for like a week.

you have to love his sticky note too. "I am not lisning to your rules!" That bacon is going to be a problem when he gets older.

My brother went to see the Micheal Jackson Movie tonight. He said it was pretty good. I will probably wait for the rental. I saw Where the Wild Things Are though, it was pretty great. It reminded me more of my childhood than any movie I have seen. I think the negative reviews exist just because its not really a kids movie.

I think this is what I'm going to be for halloween.

They are called Larpers, and they live in a town near you, meeting every Wednesday to fight with sticks and styrofoam out in the woods. Its gonna be a sweet costume.

Natalie comes back to Logan in one week!



Tina said...

"Excuse, server of the month coming through"...hilarious! I sure hope you get it!! And ya know, that Natalie picture on your last post makes so much more sense after seeing you last weekend. :) Fun, fun!

Rachel Kenley said...

"I was having a good day til she bes sarcastic"

"She's gonna try to get me, but she can't run in those little high heels"

lori said...

That King Curtis was pretty great- I hope they re-run that episode so I can see more of the kid in action. I love how he packed his tiny little roller bag- you'll never see this face again! The bowl cutt looks suspiciously like the one Keith had as a kid.

lori said...

By the way, I didn't like Wild things. They added too much drama. Very dissappointed. And how can that remind you of your childhood? You think you came from a broken home with that much bickering? Too much yelling and fighting through the whole movie, and yes, not a kids movie. Would have liked to know that BEFORE we took Avery!

andrew said...
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Mom said...

great video of King Curtis! I would have liked to see that one! Thanks for posting Natalie's picture.