Friday, October 9, 2009

Anvil, Life, Mystery, Whole lotta shakin.

BAM! Back in the Blogosphere! Just like that! I know I have been slacking a tad bit, but duty calls! Accept the apology and lets move on.

First up, I am going to a great show tonight in Salt Lake. Jolie Holland has been a favorite singer/songwriter of mine for a while, and tonight I get to go see the live show. I am pretty pumped. Also, Dr. Dog from Philly is playing and that should be worthwhile as well. Check both those artists if you haven't heard. You OWE it to yourself.

Tomorrow I will go see Why? is Salt Lake and that should be good too. I've seen them before and it was a good show, so I am excited for a second round. Its at a cooler venue too. Should be exciting.

School is good. 12 credits is pretty easy, just kind of cruising along and working 3 days a week at Village Inn. I really enjoy the Global Marketing class I'm taking. Teacher is good, time is well spent. I wish all my classes were like that. Operations Management has to be the most boring class I've ever taken.

I watched this crazy movie called "Anvil" last night. It was a mildly depressing documentary about aging washed up rockstars. These ones were Heavy Metal heads. I would recommend it, its got some really funny bits as well as some sad ones. People are calling it the "real-life" Spinal Tap. The drummer's name is even Robb Reiner.

Lately the Pick-up Artist has come up in conversation quite a bit. If you don't know about Mystery, the reality show star who dresses like a goth cowboy with aviator glasses and teaches his band of fledgling nerds how to pick up women at bars, you should catch up with the times. These men's secret clubs to pick up ladies by using a crazy methodology is taking over the world. Mystery is a pied piper of sorts I guess. Anyways, you have to watch this clip from the soup, it will tell you everything you need to know about the show. We have been obsessed with this lately.

Tell me, is saying someone is "smoking ballz" an insult or a compliment? I'll tell you more about Mystery and his methods later.

I really want to read the biography or Little Richard biography by Charles White. I am stopping myself from buying it online right now till I finish some of the books I have in line. But its tempting.

That my friends, is a party.

More soon......

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lori said...

As you know,I watched the Pick up Artist regularly and that was on eof my faves- smokin ballz! We laughed so hard when we saw that the first time and it still makes me crack up every time! How are Mystery's methods working for you by the way?