Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gonzo, L.Welk, Raphanz.


Had a busy week but things are calming down now. I am thankful I haven't had to work alot at Village Inn so far. Tonight I do though, 6 to close.

We watched this documentary called Gonzo last night about Hunter S. Thompson. Meh. It was kind of long and boring. There were a few interesting moments though. Maybe I just can't relate because I didn't live his during most of his history, so the outrages he felt don't impact me as deeply. I dunno, probably.

I realized recently how fresh Lawrence Welk can be. Yes I said it. Just watch this.

When my grandparents used to watch that show I never remember anything that cool being on. Usually some boring singer with his band. It was almost like a bad variety show. But this Neil LeVang thing is otherworldly. I love the organ player the most. Looks like he's out of a Hitchcock flim or something. Life is undescribable.

I was reading this earlier today and thought it was pretty funny. Especially if you follow the links. I know I do weird things with my hands but hope they are not this repetitive.
I noticed that Kanye always is grabbing his head in mock unbelief too!!
I add one more handy rapper for consideration:

The first rapper there is Cadence Weapon from Edmonton. He's good.

Right, welp. seeya.

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