Saturday, February 21, 2009

armorie, andrewbird, baptazia

Hey you guys.

You may notice I write a bit less on the blog lately. Been busy. Thats a good excuse.

We played as armorie Thursday night and had a great time opening for Desert Noises, Drew Capener and Ruru. It was great to play first because we got a decent soundcheck and I think it really helped things go off without a hitch for the show. Here are a few pictures of the event.

This week I am going to go see Andrew Bird in Salt Lake. He's a great musician and I am excited for this one. He does alot of looping in his songs. And he can whistle like no other.

I have been working on some new material that should surface next month. Until then to hold you over, you can check out a couple semi-new rap songs I've posted at There are some live ones and some real low quality bedroom recordings. Some are pretty hyperbolic so don't be scared.

I have been addicted to watching these baptazia videos lately. THey are just basically evangelical churches services set to heavy dance bass and drums music. It makes it hard to tell if you are watching a crazy rave or a church service. Maybe the thing will evolve so that people will just go to these churches to party and dance...I have to admit that some of it does look almost painful though. This totally clears up though why MC Hammer used to be a preacher. The dances and all.

I think my favorite guy in the above video is the one at 3:30, and 2:56 with the old lady.
Here is one more for you viewing pleasure.

I cant decide the best part of that one.


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