Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strange Mashups, Letterman appearances

Just messing around with some sampling equipment that a friend Eric sent me. Its freaking awesome. I kind of want one now. Maybe this summer I will get one to play with when I am not working endlessly.

I have some tests coming up next week though so it is time to stop being so freaking lazy. Just in the nature I guess. ANd this weekend will suck cuz I am working both Friday and Saturday.

I enjoyed this remix very much. Its as if its meant to be. Cory gave it to me on some mix cd of strange mashups. This one was a gem though. Beyonce is still the most fly, \ I dont care what anyone says. The dance in Single Ladies proves it.

Also, it seems that Joaquin Phoenix is pulling some Kaufmanesk stunt. He is not all that great at it, surprising since he is a fairly good actor in films, but cannot deceive people in real life. It think he looks alot like he is going to try out for Teen Wolf 3. Which could use another sequel I think.

To see something that is really puzzling, not just trying to be puzzling...check this out.

and heres harvey pekar


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sissyneck said...

Teen Wolf III!? Don't tease about that kind of thing. What would the featured sport be? I think the only logical choice would be battle rapping.