Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GymRats, Beirut, American Idol, Hurt Feelins

Just got done doin some excel assignments for my MIS class. Joy. Done fer the week with that at least.

Also, I went to the Gym tonight. I know, I know, just a little at a time. I ran on the stair machine and then hit the treadmill for a while. It made me remember why I don't enjoy going to work out. Sure, I feel better because I did it, but its the price I had to pay to get the work out you know? Like the fact that the entire place reeks of a blend of body odor, and you are not sure which part of that comes from you and which is coming from the place next to you. Also, today is the age of the Ipod. Its not like you can have a chat with the person next to you. So you remain in this weird awkard state of looking around at everyone while trying to appear as if your minding your own business. When your on the stairmaster, its hard not to stair (stare). Bad pun I know, but it holds true nonetheless. And since I never go there much, its like you feel that everyone is staring back at you when you can't get the stupid machine to work. I tried to get this one treadmill to work for like 3 minutes before I saw a little tiny "Out of Order" post-it on the side. Some girl next to me was watching me the whole time unabashedly and didn't say a darn thing. Take out the Ipod, help a dude out. They should call it the I-podge. Podgy people wear 'em while working out.

Enough of that.

I never mentioned that I saw Slumdog Millionare this weekend. I really liked it, even with some of the big flaws. I did not buy into the relationships in the film. The one with the girl was just weird, they only saw each other once or twice, and really were not all that romantically involved those times. And the one with his brother was even weirder. It was a cool show though, definitely one to pick up.

Some good new albums have dropped this week that you should know about. The Beirut one, "March of the Zapotec" is pretty good, but the first half is about twice as good as the second half. Heres the video for the song "La Llorona". The Llorona in spanish is ghost that they believe in that has a horse for a head and seduced men and then kills 'em. In Guatemala they are terrified of her, and everyone, I mean everyone, has seen her before and swears shes real. Since Zach Condon recorded this record in Mexico with one of the funeral bands there, its only appropriate.

P.O.S. "Never Better", is some rap that I can get behind. Its pretty hard, and definitely he spits alot of social commentary, but he does it in a continually interesting way, so whether or not you are 100% in agreeance or not with his stances is really kind of irrelevant. The other thing about the homie P.O.S. is that he always, always, has killer beats that are unlike anything you've heard. Check it.

There is a compilation album coming out very soon called "Dark was the Night" that is amazing. It has all your favorite artists on it. The best two songs so far to me are the one by the National, (listen to it at and the cover by Sufjan Stevens of You are the Blood. Pretty great stuff.

I'm too lazy to continue on that vein.

I will be playing at Whysound, opening for Crooked Beats on the 14th, Valentines day. I have some fun stuff planned for my half an hour. Costumes, stories, keys, rock and roll.
Also, armorie will be playing on the 19th opening for Desert Noises. That should be very good as well. We are learning alot by playing live. Never trust your equipment.

If you didn't get to see American Idol tonight, you will be happy to know that Katrina, or the Bikini Girl as she has come to be known, has been kicked off. Thank goodness. She was so horribly dumb that it was painful to watch. Tonight though, she refused to practice and went to bed early, then wouldn't wake up in the morning. She has always been this horrible singer too, so it goes to show that you can get far in America if you are a dumb slut willing to show some skin. And make-out with Ryan Seacrest the faux gay guy. Ugghh. I haven't heard too much awesomeness this season. One or two stand-outs, but i can't recall their names.

If you missed Flight of the Conchords this week, here is one of the songs from it. My favorite part of the tune is where Jemaine says, "Have you ever been told that you look like a Llama." I'm sure he's been told that alot, since thats EXACTLY what he looks like.


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Tina said...

Your paragraph about going to the gym made me laugh hysterically!! I can TOTALLY relate!!