Monday, April 20, 2009

Potato Salad Sisters, 40 pizza rolls, cookie jarvis.

I just finished with my first final. Basically is was peach and cake. So down one, 3 to go, seeing as I finished one of my mostly online classes about 2 weeks ago. Let it be said though, that the next two weeks will be quite busy. Too busy for my liking.

Last night Herchyl and Natalie got booted off the Celeb Apprentice. While they weren't the best players, it was obvious that Clint needs to go. He is messing everything up and being a punk about everything. As Rodman would say to him, "Its a team game!"
Jesse James is still in the clear and doing well. Just hope that he doesnt have to raise a bunch of money by using his friends, because it appears that he is strictly adverse to doing that. I agree, how annoying is it to keep calling up your rich friends for money?

By the way, this is the strangest thing I have EVER seen. Maybe one of the most disturbing too. They are singing a song about potato salad and then things get crazy!!!!
I give you the Ross Sisters.

Welp. that was awesome.

Summertime she comes! Alaska is going to be fun. I need a job still though.

I am pretty sure that we will have a good crowd at the armorie show on Wednesday. Which will be good. I am nervous to play without the full band effect, but I think things should still go down quite nicely.

Only watch this if you are not the least bit squeamish, I almost lost it during the first minute. This is everything wrong with America.

I can just imagine his mom coming home and opening the freezer. "That porker ate the whole bag of pizza rolls in one sitting again!!"
Off to go shopping!

One more gross eating video
This guy is like the Billy Mitchell of Eating


Taffy and Tony said...

Even my 5 and 3 year old kids were a little freaked out by the Ross sisters. "How are they doing that?!?" Also, couldn't get to the minute mark on the pizza roll video. I just ate breakfast, and thought I might puke.

Rachel Kenley said...

Cookie Jarvis? Tell me that's a joke