Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Death of Csmooth????? maybe....

Hello there loyal readers.

I am headed to work in a few go serve some skillets to some geezers who think they are kings. The menu has changed up a bit and I got to get that down. I am actually not bummed to be going to work though, I need to get my rear out of this chair. I have been working on a school project most of the morning.

The rap show went well last night, definitely had a good time. There were a good amount of random people there for the other three bands and I don't know if I was what they were expecting. In fact there were two old ladies there looking at artwork that looked as if they had just been blasted to the future and were trying to figure it out. I take that as a good sign. Thanks to those of you who showed up. You may have witnessed the last Calvin Smooth show of all time. Yes, I have been putting some thought into and thinking that it is time to hang up the cape for at least a while. I am not going to say that I am "retiring", because that way if I ever do come back to writing rhymes again, then it will be about as annoying as Jay-Z quitting and then coming back to make more albums. He should of stayed away. Naw, I'm more of taking a long break without a definite end. There are several reasons for this decision.

1. I think I told the story I wanted to tell with Calvin Smooth. He is a character who is slightly obnoxious and full of himself although sometimes secretly has his doubts about his own belief system. He had songs that were full of boasting and strong opinions, and a that showed a bit of insecurities deep down. He destroyed the beast and then wallowed in the aftermath of that for a while, before ripping out the sting and laying it all out on the line. After a while he just kind of went out of his mind and wished that the challenge hadn't already been surmounted. It was the arc that I always had planned for that character since my Junior year of highschool, and the 3 albums I have kind of follow it nicely. Its time for him to go away for a while and figure out what to do next. He is kind of in a weird stasis right now and sick of the game. As he said in "Spotlight Burns", "Someone else will come around, I will make my peace, I'll let them grab the microphone, complain about the beast". That time has come.

2. I think that hip-hop has a certain stigma in Utah that is hard to break. People still think Gangtser rap is what rap is. I have a different view. It is very difficult to make people come see a hip hop show without them knowing exactly what you will be doing and saying. I think most people enjoyed the shows when they came out, but its that first hump that is difficult. Logan especially isn't all that interested in live shows, which is fine. I am more into recording the stuff and giving it away anyways. Maybe the supply is too high. So I decide to gracefully bow out to decrease the supply. I will still do stuff with the band live, but live shows in Logan is too much work for a one or two faithful people who come out.

3. I want to move on to something different. I don't want to be one of those poeple who makes the same songs over and over again. So I am going to try my hand at a few different things for a while. Going to compose some stuff for other people, write some melodies, ect. I have alot to learn. I want to play some classical piano too. This summer is a good time to get jumpstarted in all that I think. School has taken its toll and it is time for a huge change of pace, musically included. I killed the beast? What more could you want?

So thanks for anyone who has ever come see Calvin Smooth do his thing. There is hope that someday for some circumstance he will come out again, flag waving to save the world from some new threat. Something in proportion to his inner strengths. But for now he is in hiding in some cave somewheres. I still have a bunch of music to give away if you want some.



CrazyKyu said...

a date which will live in infamy

andrew said...

you're going to start writing some classical piano music, and next thing you know it's going to be about killing the beast.

people are going to be really surprised when you take your tuxedo shirt off.

sissyneck said...

Whoa...unexpected. Glad I got to be a part of it.

mybanburlery's said...

well then i guess i should start bragging that i was at the last show and i got to give out the cds.

good times with the smoove...