Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rivers Girls, Neil, New Music

So things are winding down here at school. Just finishing up some papers and starting to study for the finals, which will be no fun. I have alot of work to do in that area, but hope to get a good jump on it tonight.

If you haven't been keeping up on the Celebrity Apprentice you are missing out. The Rivers ladies are losing their minds slowly but surely.

Last week Joan about killed Clint Black, but this week they have formed an alliance against Annie Duke and Brande. Things are getting intense. Brian McKnight kind of laid down and died though. He must have had other things to do, and I don't blame him for wanting to get away from all of that craziness. I still think Jesse has got a good chance of taking the whole thing unless some freak accident eliminates him. He seems to be the best player right now.

Went to the Neil Young night the other day that they USU guitar club put on. Aside from taking forever to start and alot of setup time, it was pretty good. I did a tune from one of the newer albums. I also went and caught the last few songs at the Fictionist show at Whysound and that was fantastic. I'd see them again.

Speaking of band news, I am doing my last Hip hop show as Calvin Smooth for the school year at Whysound this Friday. It starts at 8:00 and I will be opening the show, so stop by if you are in the vicinity. I have some new songs and some special guests that are going to help out during the set. Its gonna be weird.

Also, I will doing my last few sets with armorie on the 22nd at Whysound, and on the 27th at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City. Hope to see you there. We are excited to play those shows. They will be the last until next year of course.

Had to work on Easter, but it was alright. I made like 50 bucks and also we had a huge party with Chilis, Dominos, and Ice cream cake. It made the night worth having to be stuck serving people their coffee on a holiday.

If your looking for some interesting new music, then here are some things I have been digging lately.

1. Bats For Lashes (Both her albums are very good. Get it today)

2. Bromst-Dan Deacon (Very excited to see this show on the 29th)

I understand how weird of a performance that is. Thats what makes it so funny. he must have confused the heck out of those local news peoples. This is not an accurate representation of the new album though.
3. Wavvves (Lo-fi Punk rock?)

That should do for now.

Oh yeah, and Keith and I will be playing for a benefit show on Thursday at 8 PM at the Lindstrom Center. Will be fun I think. Keith went to see Britney Spears tonight. Make fun of him.

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