Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break, St.Patty Show, Flicks, Celeb Apprentice


Spring Break was good. I read a bit, listened to some music, worked on some projects, worked at Village Inn, watched a few flicks, hung out with a few friends, ect. All in the name of a good time.

First off, if you are in the area, Armorie is playing on St. Patrick's day, or tomorrow night. Its going to be at 6:00 PM. Also playing are the Castannettes and Baby Britain. It's at a place called the Pool House in Logan. Love to see you there if you can make it. We are going to do many new-ish songs. Yesterday we practiced with a full PA setup and it was alot of fun. We are pumped to play.

I watched Synecdoche New York over the break. It was really strange but I enjoyed it alot. Probably the most I've enjoyed a Kaufmann film since Adaptation. Its not something that everybody will enjoy because it takes alot of work to follow, but if you want some non-traditional movie-viewing I would reccommmend it.

Also, The Celebrity Apprentice has got me addicted. I can't believe I am wasting time on it, but its dang entertaining. The guys team is getting their butts handed to them this year, its embarrassing. Tom Green got fired last night, and although he brutally sucked as a team leader, Dennis Rodman was the one who deserved to get sent home. The guy didn't even show up to the challenge, claiming that his eyes hurt when he was clearly just hung-over. I am rooting for Jesse James to win the whole thing, although he probably doesn't have as many celebrity connections to call in for help to pull it off. If I were to predict the winner right now, it would probably be Joan Rivers strangely enough. That alien plastic faced woman has got some skills. Next week supposedly Rodman is going to have a meltdown and flip out on Clint Black. Dreams come true.

Well I have alot of work to do now that school has got up and running again.


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You aren't going to blog about your battle with the ants?