Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break, REM, Roots

Whats up y'all...
Just wanted to drop in to say hi.
And to wish you a very happy Spring Break, because everybody knows you get to start one day early!

I have some fun things I'm going to do, but also a bit of work at the same time. And gotta get caught up and geniafied on my schoolwork.

Had a test today that I think went pretty was difficult but I was ready for it. Anyways, happy that it all is over for a week or so.

I entered a little competition with a few friends on youtube. The goal was to create a creative cover of an R.E.M. song. So we tried a few things. Give them a view when you get a chance? The judging will happen tomorrow, and it probably would help to get our video viewed a little bit. Let us know what you think.

End of the World

Everybody Hurts (Lounge style)

Driver 8

We threw them together pretty quick...I will let you know the results.

What do you think of Jimmy Fallon hosting the late show? I really am not digging it right now, but I think he is slowly getting better. He seems so nervous the whole if any minute he is going to break down and cry. He is pretty awkward all by himself, but with the guests he is a bit better. Good interviewer. I will say that his band is freaking cool though.

Who thought they would someday be a late night band....I mean they are almost too raw for it...

More to come.


Rachel Kenley said...

Haha, Keith is perfect for the louge style one. I actually really liked it. I like the other ones too, but "Everybody Cries" is the only one I've heard before.

Rachel Kenley said...

hurts, I mean

Rita Christiansen said...

Ha ha... i love everybody hurts too

Lee & Amy Harmon said...

I like Jimmy, he's always been nervous!