Sunday, March 29, 2009

Musics, Tetris, Prince

"What up. To all rappers shut up. And While your shuttin' up put a shirt on, at least a button up. Yuck. Its like these rappers is strippin males, outta work jerks since they shut down chippendales."
-I think this is my favorite MF Doom line at the moment. Cracks me up.

Good weekend I guess, relatively relaxed. Did you see that Rodman finally got booted off the Apprentice? Thank goodness. That guy is a train wreck. But I do like how he responds to everything by saying, "Absolutely" Even when somebody asked him if he was out of work and in hard times he didn't miss a beat. "Absolutely". Donald told him he was fired. "Absolutely". Glad hes gone though. I wish that show were only 1 hour instead of 2. It takes up a little to much of my life I think.

Big ups to Andrew for getting me this Loney Dear CD. Its real real good. You should get it too. Very awesome. I am also digging Wavvves quite a bit right now. Good new musics. Also, as far as rap goes, I am freaking out over this rapper Serengeti. Here is a weird but promising sample of his work. He is playing a chicagoan character obviously.

Saw this on familyguy the other night and laughed for a long time about it. I have had this experience alot of times.

Prince was on Jay Leno the last 3 nights in row, and was perpetually entertaining. That guy may not be the best songwriter, but he shreds the guitar. I have to post this too.

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