Sunday, March 22, 2009

jesse pulls it off, reads, dylan, themselves

Good week.

Had a fun show on Thursday night in which we played alot of newish stuff. Some of it I am pretty happy with the way they are transforming. Should have some recordings of it done soon that will be at the least quite listenable.

Finally, the guys win an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice. Dennis Rodman is getting crazier and crazier. This week he almost got in a fist fight with Clint Black, and then said he quit and threw his microphone across the room. But Jesse James pulled through and they were able to win the competition. That guy is pretty smart, and I am hoping he wins. Obviously though that there are more competitive girl players than guys. You do not want to go against the River's Mother Daugher alliance. It will crush you. That deal or no deal girl tried it and look what happened to her!

I read The Great Divorce on Friday Night/Saturday, and really enjoyed it. It was a quick read and I listened to some good instumental records during. It got me thinking about alot of things that are important and I renewed my vow to try to read more. I finished a book a started a month or so called "I'm a Stranger Here Myself". It was pretty entertaining. Now I am reading something by Neal A. Maxwell called "If thou Endure it Well". Its pretty cryptic so its slow going, but its of course really engrossing.

Also I got into a mood this week to listen to some audiobooks while I was walking around and driving. I read Bob Dylan's Chronicles this summer, and I had an audiobook version of it. I liked it alot this summer, so I tried it out again. Its a little hard to follow with all the rambling he does, but it was still an entertaining remenisence. Especially when you know the songs that he is referring to. I think my favorite part of the book is when he is talking about the "Oh Mercy" sessions and how frustrating it was to work with the producer and the musicians just to make a record that was only given a mediochre reception. I thought it was interesting to hear an honest portrayl of how those sessions go.

The hip hop group themselves released a free 40 minute mixtape recently that kills anything you've heard lately. It makes you wonder how it can be so good. And its loaded with guests. At the beginning Dose One says something like..."Lots of people talking trash but won't ever come battle me to my face." Then he says to eliminate all excuses he will give his home address, and spits out the street. Its a pretty great line. I doubt many could have a chance against him.

Must go. write more later.

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andrew said...

like most of your hippity hoppity, i've never heard of dose one or themselves. but i checked out dose one on myspace and the track "overchoiced" blew my mind. holy s.