Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seminars, Fees, Sales

Just got done typing up a bunch of TPS reports. Or at least thats what it felt like. I had to go to a business seminar up on campus for about 3 hours and then type a couple of pages of notes on what was said and send it off to the superiors. Tomorrow I have a similar fate lined out for me. Here's my thoughts. If you are going to force me to go to these things, at least have speakers there that will tell me something that I don't know already. One guy talked about how the number one complaint in the workplace is not enough recognition. Its what makes people quit the job they are in. That is all fine and dandy, common sense if you will, and it was good to say that in case some managers in attendance were not aware of it. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, he then went on to show surveys and information gathered at why recognition/acknowledgement is so crucial to a healthy and productive work environment. Over and over he pounded this into our head for about an hour. I think that is already understood! Why not talk about the reasons that it is not being done in the workplace in America, or talking about how one can impliment these tactics on a regular basis? Give some ways to show recognition. Or even have plans for programs to impliment. I am sure everyone understands that it is beneficial, now show them how to do it.

All three of the seminars were similarly redundant and not all that informative. I know, I paid attention and took pages of notes. Most my notes were just evidences of the main point though. I am not interested in the evidences so much as what needs to be done in light of the evidence. And you can't just say, "Recognize people more." There is some barrier in the way of people doing that, and it needs to be discussed.

Sorry for the boring rant, but school sometimes seems odd to me.

Speaking of, they are increasing our sports fee by $60 yesterday. I voted against it and spoke out to get to people to do it as well, but the sports people had a booth set up with laptops and got everyone that passed to vote for it. I don't really want to get into this too deep, but why am i paying for something that I don't participate in. The majority of the university does not attend those games. Majority being more than 50%. So why are we having to pay money for it? I dont make people pay for my piano lessons. Let me keep my 60 bucks and I'll shut up. Maybe I will do a more extensive blog on this later, but I want to make it clear that I am not against sports. I am against paying for YOU to do sports. Do it yourself. Its not a crucial part of the education process...physical fitness is, but not sports. Sorry. If I want a ticket to the game I will be happy to pay for it.

This is a negative post.

One more little juicy bit of complaint.

The other day some kid I haven't seen in years comes up to me and strikes up a conversation. He acts like we used to be best friends. We hardly spoke to each other then, when we were living in the same apartment, he couldn't give a hoot about me then. But all the sudden he is asking me questions about my life and people we used to know, and then asks me for my number and says "We need to catch up sometime." As far as I'm concerned, we just did catch up as much as was neccessary. But I give him the number, thinking maybe he just wants a friend now that he is married. Maybe he is lonely or something.

So I gives him the number. Then I was chatting with another old friend who I actually keep in touch with, and she tells me, (from experience) that he is going to call me and try and sell me the product that he offers as part of the business he is involved in. Well that was that. I am okay with a guy trying to do his job, but he got my number with the claim that we were going to "Catch up on things" or something like that. So the truth is, he doesn't see anything but a dollar bill sign on my face. This somehow makes me very angry with people in business in general. Either you want to be my friend, or you want to sell me something. One or the other. If your my friend and you offer me what you sell, and I reject it, it shouldn't hurt your feelings, because there is always a base there. But if your fronting as a friend and using it as a guise to sell me a product, I have major beef with you. Ask me if I want your product, and don't try to score points and sell your friendship along with the product. I have seen this done alot to much dismay. Even in the church sometimes people will try to "befriend" non-members only when they see that they may have an interest in the gospel. Well it sickens me a tad.

So yeah, he has called my phone about 8 times in the past week and is pretty determined to get me to answer. I am not doing it, because I have his name on ID on my phone and anytime it comes up I ignore that sucker. You would think he would get the picture after leaving 3 messages. I am not going to even waste either of our precious time.

If I did answer, the conversation would go something like this.
"Hi Calvin, How have you been."
"Good, what can I do for you."
"Well as part of my work I am doing these presentations to people in the neighborhood and was wondering if I could meet with you."
"Well, I am not in the position to buy anything like that right now."
"Well I am not selling anything yet, just presenting. You don't even know what it is."
"Yeah, but I know i don't want it. Why go through all the steps to say no? I will say no."
"Yeah I just thought we could catch up and I could do this thing for my work."
"One or the other dude, no dressing it up. Not interested."
"I understand, do you have any friends I can present to."

Now your really in trouble. He knows that you saying a name can't hurt you too bad. Except for the fact that he will use your name as a reference and an in to their world. You know your friends are really not interested, so its almost like you cast a miserable hex on whoever you name. Like the Salem Witch Trials, or the Inquisition, or the Communist party or something. Or better yet, its like the Ring, where the only way to get rid of the curse yourself is to cast it on somebody else. And so it goes.

And again, salesmen are people too, I have no issue with them doing what they do. Some of the products are legit and people are happy with them. Some people want it. But far too many times it is forced upon the buyer by some questionable tactics, such as the ones this guy tried to use on me. I don't have the perpetrator, just the snakey tactics that he employed. Theres a right way to go about things and a wrong way. The right way will give you more sales in the long run, people will trust you and seperate you from the position if you can offer the product without attaching your friendship to it like a trojan horse.

Enough Ranting. Sorry if anyone disagrees about any of the above, I'd like to hear your rebuttles if its the case though.



Tina said... rebuttals here! I feel the same way you do about everything above...listening to lame seminars that don't really tell you anything, salesman in general (I totally just passed the hex on to get out of the grip of an insurance salesman...I feel so guilty now!:)), and the USU sports fee!? I was SO hoping that students would be smart enough to vote NO, but alas, they were not. I don't even pay tuition, but I have seen first hand how much money goes into Athletics at USU, and it is an insane amount! They are the LAST department on campus that should be asking for more makes my blood boil!

andrew said...

what's that guy's name so i can send him a link to this blog?

lori said...

Haven't read you blog in a while, my computer sucks and is slow. I just got caught up though, and def. agree about this one, although I feel bad for people I know that are scammed into jobs like this so I always end up listening to presentations. I just feel so bad! I guess I have a heart, unlike some ppl! When are you coming home, foo?