Monday, June 8, 2009

More Heart than Brains....

This Album is great for running late at night. I got a copy on vinyl too.

I give it 5 gold stars.

A few words about it....

Buck 65 is a rapper from Halifax Canada that has been around for some time now and gone through a lot of evolution. In the early days he made some pretty generic raps over sampled funk riffs, and it was enjoyable, but it wasn't the best music of its kind. He went under the moniker "Stinkin' Rich" and had a beard that wouldn't quit.

He also participated in several collaborations, one with Dose One of Anticon fame, and also the famed Sebutones. Both interesting stuff to delve into on another day.

Something snapped in him and he started making long mixtape style series that he called "Language Arts". Among these are two albums that I consider classics as far as Hip hop goes, "Man Overboard" and "Vertex". They are pretty lo-fi and take a few listens to recognize the genius of what he was doing. Today, I can listen to them any day in any mood and enjoy it immensely.

Having gained a serious fan base with this work, he made a album that was heavily produced, and made another 180 in his career. It was called Talking Honky Blues. It was great in its own right, but it labled him as an "alt-country" rapper for years. People are most familiar with this as his representation.

He worked for a few years to get out from under this label, and I think that with More Heart Than Brains, he severes ties with the "country rap idea". It is a collection of love songs, and the music is all done by electronic artist "Greetings from Tuscan". These electronic songs are actually very pretty. The lyrics seem complimentary to the feel of the music. As mentioned before, its also killer to run to in the nighttime.

So far my favorite track is "The Lazarus Phenomenon."

There is also a cover of MC Shan's MC SPACE which strangely fits well.

Anyways, something to give a close listen to I think.