Friday, June 12, 2009

Norm, Busdriver

Conan had Norm Macdonald on last night. For some reason that dude really cracks me up. He has a way of telling a joke that is bad that makes you feel as if you are the only one in on his sarcasm, and how bad the jokes are. I feel sorry for him that he never really has had a huge break into the mainstream.
Here is my favorite appearance of him. The best part is at around 5:45 and after. Norm kills it.

Man, the Lakers are ticking me off. Kobe doesn't need another win. Arrrrg.

Busdriver just released a new album called Jehli Bean. To me as a rapper he is like cotton candy, really good for a short period of time. I can't usually make it through an entire album because its too much insanity. But if you want to talk about technical skill, Busdriver has got it.
But here is one of the new songs that I thought was pretty cool by the by.

And here is one of his older tunes that I used to like.

We'll see if I can ever get through the entire new album. The voice sometimes annoys.