Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Man I am hungry right now. Subway is in order. But first I need to meet with my corp. Finance group and do some studying for finals. Sheesh. Its coming soon. My last one is on Wednesday, a week from tomorrow. I have alot to do before then, so today I will keep this short.

We are playing at the Village Inn Chirstmas Party on Sunday and have a pretty good setlist just about ready. WE just need more practice and it should be a good show. I am excited for the Hamiltons Catering. Their food is the bomb.

This news report makes me laugh. Its as if "Bubb Rubb" can't help but imitate the whistle everytime he talks about it. I like how he also says, "You supposed to be up cookin breakfast!" Its like an alarm clock!

The whistles go WHOOOOOOO!


Rita Christiansen said...

I loved the David Caruso clip. He is such a cornball. That's why I refuse to watch that show.

lori said...

I told you frog eye was a bad choice!