Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pogo mashups, Accordian

Just ordered this on Amazon, should be a good read.

I have been getting nostalgic and geeking out over these Pogo sound collage videos lately. Especially this one. They don't make any type of sense but it makes me want to watch these films again.

Last night andrew and i performed at the USU IMC radiohead cover night. Here are the videos for it.
4 minute Warning


The accordian used to be my dad's. I think it's really bizzare he even owned it for so long. He can actually play it a little bit, and he would pull it out every couple of months when we were kids for our family home evening to play "5 green and Speckled Frogs", or "How much is that doggy in the window". I think there are certain people who would pay money to watch my dad play accordian and sing. I'm one of the lucky people who have witnessed it. I once asked him if I could have the accordian, he told me if I went on a date once a month during the school year he would give it to me. I ended up getting married and he wrapped it up as my wedding present. Good ol' dad. And no, I did not just get married for the accordian.


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