Sunday, September 9, 2012

Concert, Sleepwalk, School

Here is a few songs my friend Cory made this week using a bunch of little mini-synths.  I think they are pretty cool, especially for the time frame they were made in:

This weekend was pretty heavy on the studying.  Pretty much just went over a load of flashcards I had made and tried to eliminate them from the massive pile.  Learning a bunch of stuff I have learned in previous classes long ago, but it moves very fast and I have a hard time recalling all the old info.  Tomorrow I have a competency exam waxing up a maxillary central incisor.  Wish me luck!
On Tuesday night Natalie and I went and ate some Japanese noodles and then to go see a concert with Serengeti, Jel, and wHy?.  Show was great as expected, and I got to exchange some words and buy some stuff from Geti afterwards.  He was very chill and gracious with my fanboy-ness.  I told him I thought he was the best of the best and geeked out over some of the new stuff he is doing.
I stayed late on Wednesday and Thursday at school studying with a few people.  Gotta get down that embryology and histology before Friday.
Instead of watching a Criterion Collection this week, Natalie and I went to the Broadway Theater in Salt Lake and saw "Sleep Walk With Me", which is Mike Birbiglia's first film.  He wrote and starred in it.
It was pretty funny, especially good for somebody's first film, and although it had it's flaws we both enjoyed it.  The film is about a budding comedian finding his voice while simultaneously dealing with anxiety about his relationship.  I actually really like his stand up, and he recycles some of it for the movie.  It really is held together by his personality more than anything else.  It is fun having a theater close that plays good movies.
Last night we watched "All about my Mother", which is a Spanish Film with Penelope Cruz that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1999 or something.  Natalie enjoyed that one a lot more than I did.  If you decide to watch it ever, just know it is very bizarre.
Today we went to church and Natalie made Potato and Leek soup and I made brownies.  I pretty much perused my flashcards all afternoon....
It's going to be a very busy week.


Aleesa said...

I was wondering if his movie was any good. Good to know!
Hope the soup and brownies were good.

sissyneck said...

thx for the plug. Yr doing all of the criterion films? Even Armageddon? Ambitious :)

I'm working through a limited set of them myself, from Edgar Wright's list of his favorites:

Le Samourai is especially good.