Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new songs, ramblings, ect.


I can't stop watching Breaking Bad. Good thing I'm almost caught up.

Natalie is in Toronto til Saturday, I'm excited for her to come home.

I'm taking the comp tests right now at work, which means that I only have to travel 4 more days to Ogden, and then I will be working in Logan. Can't wait.

Thinking about writing lately...alot.

I recorded a bunch of songs this weekend. Here is one of them.
Juveniles by Calvin Smooth
It is a cover of the first song on the Walkmen's new record, which I think was my favorite song this year. I am trying to learn guitar, accordian, and trumpet little by little.

Kinetic Kalvin vs. the Beast 2 is well in the works. It's a very lazy mixtape full of throwaway battle nonsense. I'm laughing at some of it, and will have it done hopefully by month's end. There is some odd stuff on there.

I read The Accidental Billionaires and an LL Cool J autobiography over the break. One was good and one wasn't. Guess which was which? Now I'm back to plugging through David Copperfield. It's great, but long.

Honeycombs is maybe the best cereal for early mornings.

The record club project my friends and I do just finished it's fourth cover album, Neutral Milk Hotel's "In an Aeroplane Over the Sea" I think it turned out very well. Check out the songs:

Stay tuned for the next pick.

Also: Amendment to the top ten movies, I would put Fighter at number 6 probably, bumping off Hell House from the top ten.

Later Y'all

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nita said...

LOVE the walkmen song calv