Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Ten Movies of 2010

Here they are in order, no explanations needed:

10. Hell House
9. Exit through the Giftshop
8. Black Swan
7. Cyrus
6. Inception
5. Winter's Bone
4. Un Prophete
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
2. The Social Network
1. Toy Story 3

I also liked Greenberg, Shutter Island, and my little internal caveman was entertained by the Jackass movie.

Movies I still need to see that might bump my list around a bit I'm told:

The King's Speech
True Grit
The Kids are all right
Another Year
Blue Valentine
The Fighter


Rita Christiansen said...

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World looks like the dumbest movie of all time.
I just saw True Grit last night and I loved it.

Calvin Smooth said...

Rita, Scott Pilgrim is actually awesome. I can understand the skepticism, maybe it is not marketed all that well, but it was great.

CRoW said...

I second your love of SPvW. One of the best movies of the year. Haven't yet seen Winter's Bone, but have only heard good things. Great list.

Oscar said...

Scott pilgrim was pretty good don't know if I'd put it in my top year, I'm sure you'll throw kings speech, true grit and possibly kids are alright into your top ten after you see them.... Curious if you've seen ben affleck's the town, looks like he'll be a pretty good director