Thursday, August 25, 2011

some cool ladies of rock

St. Vincent

Elis Regina


Jolie Holland

Bessie Jones

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Big Mama Thornton


Carol King

Edith Piaf


Etta James

Shangra las

Edda Dell'Orso

She and Him


Classic Natalie Kenley


sissyneck said...

Let me be "that guy":

"What about Neeeeeekooooooo?!"

For the voice, certainly, but also for the tweets. Check out a sample of recent musings:

"At dinner I couldn't stop watching a college dude on a date compulsively stroke his first mustache."

"Cracker Barrel just bitch-slapped me with Halloween."

and of course:

"Song on repeat all day is "LOVE" by Mary J Blige. The only modern lady who pull off pussy-high teal boots as casual. Now THAT'S power."

I'm on board with anybody fighting the good fight for recognition of the female genitalia as inherently hilarious and deserving of irreverence as the male.

nathaliedelakim said...

Sissyneck! Stop making fun of the females! But I love neko's tweets, gonna have to follow her:)