Monday, December 26, 2011

Books I read in 2011 and Book goals for 2012

1. The Accidental Billionaires
2. StoryTeller (Roald Dahl Biography)
3. Eating Animals
4. Life (Keith Richards Biography)
5. Game of Thrones
6. Clash of Kings
7. The Big Payback
8. The Walking Dead Volume 1-15
9. Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen
10. I make my own rules (LL Cool J Biography)
11. The Tao of Wu
12. Decoded (Jay-Z bio thingy)
13. True Grit
14. The Magician King
15. Bossy Pants (Tina Fey autobio)
16. The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

I liked the Game of thrones books, true grit, and Magician king alot, and really really really enjoyed the roald dahl bio. Check it out.

What I wanna try to read this year among other things I wanna do:
1. Brothers Karamozov
2. Listen to this
3. Unbroken
4. All the pretty horses
5. Storm of Swords
6. Feast for Crows
7. Dance with Dragons
8. Thelonius Monk Biography
9. Mark Twain Autobiography Vol. 1
10. Blood Meridian
11. Carter Beats the Devil
12. Cannery Row
13. Kraken
14. 11/22/63
And other things. Any thing you think I ought to read this year?

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I will post my top ten lists this week sometime on this blog.

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nathaliedelakim said...

Hey didn't we both read Bossy Pants this year too?