Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite TV series of 2011

***I watched way more TV than I should have this year.

1. Breaking Bad
This season had a great slow build and major payoff at the end. Major improvement over season 3, and I am so glad it is going to end soon. The only way to ruin it would be to find ways to drag it out.
2. Louie
Louie often is not even funny, and often goes in weird unexpected directions. I can't predict it alot of the time. I wish more TV was this way. And also, usually, it is funny.
3. An Idiot Abroad
All Hail Karl Pilkington
4. Downton Abbey
Had to kind of be forced to watch this one, and then Natalie and I watched season 2 in like 2 days. The story continues to move and there are satisfying conclusions during the season. I don't know anyone who wouldn't like this show.
5. Boardwalk Empire
Richard Harrow is one of the coolest characters on TV. And the butcher really got to my nightmares this season.
6. Parks and Rec
This show has the funniest complete cast of characters in my humble opinion. I don't mind following any of them around. Of course Ron Swanson is the best, but he doesn't completely outshine everybody.
7. Game of Thrones
Books are better, but this is about as close as a show could come to awesomely recreating a world of this size.
8. Curb your Enthusiasm
Even one of the weaker seasons of Curb is better than most comedies out there.
9. Community
Another great ensemble show, but I like the direction even more than the characters. It's like watching an alien's version of what they think a TV show is...covering all genres.
10. 30 Rock
What are they going to do now that Kim Jung Ill is dead!!!

Shows I've given up on:
1. The Office (Really I gave this up like 3 years ago, but now I can't handle even one minute of it.)
2. Dexter (Same thing, I haven't seen it for 2 seasons)
3. Walking Dead. (How can you ruin a zombie TV show? They managed.


CRoW said...

I enjoyed your list. Especially your appreciation of Parks and Rec. I have such a hard time getting people to give that show a chance. Now do you have a top 10 movie list?

Tina said...

Breaking Bad at #1?! Eric and I tried to like it and watched the first 4-5 episodes of season 1 before we both threw in the towel and decided we hated it!? :) The rest of Eric's family, however, LOVE it!? I just don't understand how/why...

Lori said...

Tina- I don't trust you and Eric after you two trying to convince me to watch Nip/Tuck. Yuck!