Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favorite Songs of 2011

Top Ten Favorite Songs of 2011:
10. Northern Lights (St. Vincent)

Best manic guitar solo.
9. Satisfied (Tom Waits)

Best references, most inspirational
8. Otis (Watch the Throne)

The funnest
7. Last Night at the Jetty (Panda Bear)

Best Melody and Harmonies
6. Believer (John Maus)

Most likely to make one cry for unknown reasons.
5. Love Like a River (Girls)

Best throwback style
4. The Whip (Serengeti)

Best storyteller.. (he even gets the little details right, like how the guy says, "you don't know anything what the octagon is about" in kind of this weird stammer.
3. I never learned to share (James Blake)

Most said with fewest amount of words
2. Bizness (Tune-yards)

Most original sounding song to come out this year.
1. County Line (Cass Mccombs)

Prettiest thing I've heard in a long time...pure nostalgia.

Honorable Mentions:

1. 212 (Azelia Banks)...Dirtiest, most catchy.
2. The last Huzzah Remix (Mr. MF Esquire, Das Racist, EL-P, Danny Brown, Despot) Best posse cut
3. Micheal Jackson (Das Racist)

Angriest first verse
4. Sexting (Davis)

Prettiest rap song this year
5. Loft Music (House of Baloons)
Most debauchery
6. Love on top (Beyonce)

Most Key changes
7. Will do (TV on the Radio)
Saddest sounding chorus
8. Marvin's Room (Drake)
Most likely song to make me feel sorry for a rich R&B singer
9. Ronnie Coleman (Action Bronson)
Most listened to during workouts this year.
10. Shut up (R. Kelly)

Best comeback. hahah
Oh, la Brea (Man Man)

Prettiest Refrain at the end of the song.

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