Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elvis C., Urine and Babylons, Funny Pranks

Man oh man oh man. All I have been able to listen to for like the past 3 days is Elvis Costello. That guy is the insanely good. And I have decided that my favorite song by him is Oliver's Army. That may be a weird choice but it is what it is. I just like the whole weird 50's pop vibe that he had going on. So different than anything of that era.

I am learning alot in my Physiology class about the body and what it does. Today my teacher was learning me about the structure of the kidneys and all. I looked at a sample of my urine the other days and it had a bit of cotton in it. I don't recall eating cotton.

Weird Physiology fact of the day: The average world age when children stop breast-feeding is not 2, nor 3, nor 4, but 5 years of age! Who are these people? I figure when your kid gets old enough to start talking to you, its time to cut them off from the mamma cannons. Seriously, 5 years old? Worse part is this is supposedly the natural and healthy way to do it! So if you deny the kid when he starts begging for the Babylons, then you are basically hurting their immune system, since IgA antibodies are transferred through breast milk. Sorry this is so graphic, just I have been thinking about it alot. 1 year is maximum I say, regardless of what is healthy and natural. I saw talking, walking, kids with teeth bossing their moms around when it was time for a feeding in Guatemala and it was not a pretty sight.
If you cannot picture how old 5 is, here is a refresher. Most of the little rascals were 5.

To finish with today...this made me laugh pretty hard. Especially the fact that he has done it several times and they have not told him what they are doing. Genius.


Anonymous said...

funny vid

lori said...

that's pretty funny! And what's so wrong with breastfeeding? I'm still breastfeeding Avery!

Calvin Smooth said...

No you are not. You are just looking to argue on this one. Once they are the age of the little rascals, you have to admit the time to stop has far been passed.