Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello All.
Today I gave a presentation in my Marketing Class about Rosehill Dairy, which is a local milk delivery service I have been addicted to for the last couple of months. I had to dress up for it in shirt and tie. Right now though, I am growing a nasty beard and moustache for Halloween. One of my friends commented that I look like a homeless guy that somebody gave their nice clothes to, that I reminded him of the "fake teachers" on that show Drillbit Taylor. I said thank-you. Anyway, the presentation went well and I think I probably should get paid for how many people I convinced to suscribe to their product. It was more like a salespitch than a presentation. But it is dang good milk for a dang good price. if you live in the logan area.

I had a bet with my friend Mark about who our mutual friend Brad Grandy was going to vote for in the election. He has been very hush hush about it and said he would tell us after he filled out the ballot. I sincerely thought he was going to go the Obama route, and secretly we were "campaining" for him to vote for the canadate that we had individually predicted. I had to play Devil's advocate for a long time and push him in the Obama direction, which was really hard. He must have noticed something was up after a while, because last week he said, "All you to talk to me about anymore is politics!", and this got us both laughing pretty hard. The bet was for a peice of pizza from the Hub, not the crap kind...I am talking bout the BBQ chicken pizza. Anyways, come to find out, for him it came down to a coin toss. After studying both sides for a long time he was just too indecisive. And he voted for Mcain. I could have sworn he was going to go Obama. But anyways I ended up having to buy lunch for Mark today and am pretty mad about it. I think that the bet should be off since the coin decided, and not Brad.

Speaking of Obama...anybody watch that half an hour long ad last night? I made it for about ten minutes and it was just getting too cheezy for me. I thought I had better watch it since he is going to be the next President of our country more than likely, but it was just to self-aggrandizing. You would think he is the second coming of Jesus Christ the way that ad spoke of him. I mean come on!

Does anyone else think that John Mayer is just plain creepy? And him getting with Jessica Simpson...and then Jennifer Aniston doesn't help matters. In this picture he looks like a fat Johnny Depp in the Edward Scissorhands role...agreed?

The video today is just weird and slightly disturbing so do not watch if you are extremely sensitive to stupidity. Its no secret that I have followed Dr. Phil's career closely, his show is the best bad T.V. around. His advice to people in trouble is either to read one of his books, or non-existant. Exploitation is his game. I am sure there exist many Dr. Phil posts for future blog entries. This summer was a plethera of entertainment from Oprah's pal, from Brat Camp, to House of Greed, to a man who wrote a book called "Men are better than women", but lets start this off the right way, with the absolute weirdest one of all. A little setup is necessary for this clip. Dr. Phil is going to interview this guy who makes these videos called "Bumfights", in which he pays money to Bums on the street to fight in front of his camcorder. Dr. Phil is ticked about it and is going to tell him off. But then Dr. Phil throws an unexpected curveball. Beware, the bumfights stuff is disgusting and violent.

Now this is what is so awesome about this clip. First of all, why the hell is the guy dressed like Dr. Phil with the same haircut? Is that odd to anyone else? Was he going to claim that he is the Dr. Phil of the streets? Secondly, this was obviously planned. Dr. Phil had seen the footage before, his crew put together the montage! He knew it was graphic! But then he acts like it was the first time he had ever seen it and pretends to be so shocked that he will not talk to the guest. The bumfight guy is right in that Dr. Phil deals in exploitation of the worst kind, but pointing to bad behavior does not justify bad behavior. The best is when Dr. Phil claims that he is not going to advertise for Bum Fights, he will not have that on his show. But he did have it on his show! And knowingly! He had to have seen that video before. So the whole thing is just another publicity stunt! This thing would be funny if it were not so odd. Or just maybe Dr. Phil was angry that the guy looked just like him and decided to make up an excuse to not put him on the show at the last minute. Oh television. More Dr. Phil news for a later date.

Sorry, it was a rather long post today. Lots to rant about.


Rita Christiansen said...


Rita Christiansen said...

Oh - I don't care much for John Mayer either, never have. When he sings he sounds like he has a kazoo stuck in his throat.
But I do love that Rosehill Dairy!!

Calvin Smooth said...

yeah, notice how the tape fuzzes over and then Dr. Phil shouts Stop the tape! Stop the tape! It was obviously already over and the signal was for him to begin. They stopped no tape. They played the whole darn thing.