Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Physics, Jolie Holland, Hulk, and Rogers

I just got out of Physics Class. I enjoy it very much. I got 100% on my last test on oscillations and that is enough to make you in a good mood about absolutely everything. Actually I do like it though, the concepts are pretty straight forward and you can visualize the examples made much more so than in Chemistry. Today we talked about chaos in weather patterns and how it relates to Newton's 2nd, among other things.

I think tonight I might be going to a great concert tonight. Her name is Jolie Holland and she is an alt-country/jazz singer. I am pretty excited, I have been listening to her stuff for about 2 years now, and it just keeps getting better and better. Her new album is fantastic and is called "The Living and the Dead." For a bit of a sample check out I dont know too many people who do not enjoy this stuff.

Watched the Incredible Hulk last night. He indeed does some incredible things. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My nephew can't figure out whether the incredble Hulk is a good guy or a bad guy. Oh these complex characters. Word is, that this movie is much more like the Bill Bixby show. In fact Lou Ferigno has a small cameo. My sister Rita liked Hulk when she was very young. Remember this?

Oh and on a completely seperate note, I like this alot

Man, Mr. Rogers was such a nice guy. I think its funny how he acts as if he is 5 years old when he talks to children. "That's a peice of cardboard isn't it?" I think even Jermaine had to be thinking, "WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE!" This may have been break dancing's first exposure to a children's television progam and it is funny!

More later......

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