Friday, October 31, 2008

Costumes, Mamma, Punchface, Voodoo

Happy Halloween everyone. I am getting excited to work all freaking night long serving pancakes to ingrates. Whoopeee! If you missed it, I am going to dress up as Billy Mitchell for Halloween. I have the costume all worked out now, so it should be fun. My brother is being Waldo and my sister is being Dora the Explorer. I am jealous of only one costume this year, and that would be Karl Pilkington's. Best costume I have ever seen and how it fits him!

Since this is a special Halloween Post, I thought I should post some Halloween clips. First up, perhaps the scariest death scene of all time from some 80's film featuring Anne Ramsey of Goonies and Throw Mamma from the Train fame. Man she was an awesome actress. The question is...what is she saying...Damn Shids?

Next up is some guy getting spooked pretty bad and having a poor reaction to it. This cracks me up.

And finally, for nostalgic purposes, this is from the Trilogy of Terror. I watched this when I was like 5 on T.V. and it scared the pee out of me. I was thinking about it recently and found it on youtube. It cracks me up the noises this little voodoo doll makes as its trying to kill her. Especially as it comes running yelling through the door towards the end. Little Psychopath voodoo doll reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil on a sugar high. Its just really funny stuff. You only need to watch like the first 4 minutes of it though. the rest is quite boring.

3 videos today! Triple Bonus
Pancake house here I come.


Holly and Garrett said...

The voodoo doll kind of looks like a sock puppet, and I laughed the whole time!

lori said...

why does her head explode and shatter into a million pieces like that? That is so, so gross! Thanks for putting that disturbing picture into my mind forever.