Monday, November 3, 2008

Pancake House, Nessie, Dexter, Shad

This was a crazy weekend.
I got off work at 5 in the morning saturday. That was insane. Losers kept piling into the pancake house. It was three in the morning and we still had people on a waiting list becasue all our tables were full. One of the computers broke and the line to cash out wrapped through the restaurant and made it very difficult to serve. Most people didnt tip too well, because they were getting all you can eat pancakes, so all it all it was bad. Also, some doofwad decided to give me a poor comment and stiff me altogether because his burger fell on the floor and he had to wait while the cooked him a new one. If I find that guy...things will not go his way. Oh well. Money money money money. At least my costume was cool. I will post some pictures of that goodness later. It was pretty epic.
Because of the crappy Friday night, I slept alot of Saturday. Then I did some homework and watched Incident at Loch Ness...which was really really weird. It is a strange mockumentary that kind of studies the differences between reality and myth. I rented it because I really like Werner Herzog and he is the main character. The movie is kind of surreal and its hard to tell if its supposed to be a comedy or something a bit deeper than that. The writer/producer Zach Penn was kind of annoying in it. Anyways if you are looking for something different you might give it a try.
David's girlfriend was also in town this I had to deal with their shmoopiness all weekend long which was a chore. Gross.

Oh and I kind of got obsessed with that T.V. show Dexter, its about a guy who is a blood spatter analyst and also a serial killer, killing the criminals when they get away free. Its pretty addicting and well written. I would get the edited version though, its pretty bloody. I thought it was a pretty good idea though. I am about midway through the first season.
Did well on my Physiology Test...I had to go argue with the teacher for a couple extra points and I ended up with a 93. Could have been better but its a hard test. This week is going to start piling up very quickly I have a feeling. I have a lab test monday, A physics test next Wednesday, and a Marketing and Corporote Finance Test next Thursday. Suck.
Oh, and I have been working on piles of new songs. They should be floating around soon on handpressed CDR's, but they need some more work before that days come. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with and The NoCouponNoPizza stuff is all free to download on the myspace site and is really lo-fi rock, rap, folk ish.
Quickie on the video side today....How many of you ever watched Fresh Prince? Well here is some cool recent pop culture making reference to it. First off you have the original Fresh Prince opening, you may not remember how cheezy and 80's it was. So refresh yourself. And say what you want about Will Smith he used to be able to rap circles around people...LL Cool J said so. Then check out Shad's new video underneath it, which is kind of a spoof of the opening of the show. Shad is a Canadian rapper who lives with his moms still while he is going to college, but man that guy can bust a verse. He was recently nominated for the Polaris Prize and is one of the few MC's that can do it without acting all hard. I find it amazing how much attention to detail was put into his imitation video...they got it about spot on. Crazy Creative Idea. Enjoy.

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lori said...

You're right, they got every tiny little detail in that music video. I actually liked him, he's clean and didn't talk about killing ppl. Much better than some of your other rappers.