Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Jams, Bond, The Iceman, and Snuggies

Ok, I am doing this one a bit late today. But its been a busy one. So as a reward for staying up all night by your computers waiting for me to post something like an addict....there is a reward.
New batch of killer demos released by yours truly and my collaborator Russ in Nocouponnopizza. Free to download. Think of it as your sneak peek into some songs that are works in progress. We layed these down Saturday. Here is your link.
All three little sessions we have done are available there, the addresses for the rapidshare links are in the bio. I am excited for some of the new stuff to evolve a bit. Especially the rap stuff. Doing it has reinvigorated my love for old school hip hop. If you dont have much time just check out "Man says no you say yes"...I think youll enjoy it. Its probably the coolest beat I have ever made. And I hope you dont mind my singing.

Amy and Lee head up to Alaska tomorrow. It is sad. But mostly I am sad because they are taking Dane and Ty. They are some pretty cool little dudes. That is going to be one very long drive I have a feeling. I just put a ton of music on lee's ipod for the trip. I have alot of stuff I found out, it took a long time to sync it.

I am pretty excited for the new James Bond movie. I think I just really like the whole reinvention, I am not a huge fan of the franchise. I think I will hit that up this weekend. Who was the very worst Bond Girl ever? Probably Denise Richards. In The "World is not Enough" she plays some bird name Christmas. Obviously the writers tried to have alot of fun with that. How many puns can we fit in the movie with that name! "Your not all that merry of a Christmas" "Keep Christmas with you!" I think she may have even punched a badguy and shouted out, "Its Christmas time jerk!"

Speaking of bad movie puns, I think the Batman and Robin takes the cake for highest number. My nephew Andy is obsessed with Batman and so I actually saw that movie this summer. Its so horrible, but the Governator does get in some great lines that use the word "ice" or "freezing". "Hey! I'm an "ice" guy!" "The iceman cometh!" and best of all "Always winterize your pipes!" If you never have seen it, here is a very short version of all you missed out on. One reviewer wrote that it was as if Joel Shumaker hated Batman and was trying as hard as he could to sabatoge it. I dont blame you if you cant make it through the whole thing.....

Big Physics Test tomorrow afternoon. I am ready for it I think though. Just a few more hours of study will do the trick. Tomorrow morning.

Oh and here is another beloved infomercial. Call it weird, but I am pretty sure a lady in our ward used to wear one of these things to church. It looks comfortable enough for that. Thanks to Rachel for the tip.

Wish me luck tomorrow, and the rest of the week.


lori said...

Wow, a $75 value for only $14.95, that's awesome! I think I'll get one in sage for me and one in Red for Richard, so he can wear it while he watches the Buckeye games. It can get so drafty in this basement, so that would be perfect! Thanks Snuggie!

Mark said...

That's exactly what I need everytime I use a blanket my hands always get caught underneath but now i will be able to crochet when its cold. Thanks Snuggie!