Thursday, November 6, 2008

ER, Sequels, Man on a Wire

Remember how insanely scary these things were in that movie that long ago? Now we laugh at animatronics.
Micheal Crichton died the other day. I think I only ever read Jurassic Park, and that was in middle school, but its sad. I wish it had been that show ER that he created that died, because that is going on waaaayyy to long. I really can't name one person I know that watches the show. It sounds like George Clooney is rumored to be making a guest appearance soon, that will be the largest ratings jump in history probably.

In other Micheal news, they recently confirmed the fourth Jurassic Park movie, with all original cast members...that is sad. Everyone of them is washed up except for maybe Newman, who died in #1, so can't return, and also Jeff Goldblum, but he is usually just a very small supporting character in films today. A few friends and I were talking about how Hollywood is running out of ideas these days and therefore must throw together sequel after sequel. Proof of this? The fast and furious 4 comes out soon, with the original cast. Spiderman is getting a 4th and 5th installation. The matrix would have been a perfect film if 2 and 3 weren't tacked onto the end of it. Ghostbusters is soon getting another film. Its all about the franchise these days. Anyway, while we were discussing this I lied and mentioned that Bill Murray had not only signed on to do Ghostbusters 2, but also Groundhogs Day 2. I then amused myself by trying to come up with the preview narration for it. I can only imagine it would be something like "He's back! And this year, its Labor Day!" Then it would cut to Bill Murray sitting up in bed with grey hair yelling out "Nooott agaaaiinn!" You can call this far-fetched, but I have seen worse things than this. Remember Josh Brolin in the Goonies?

That has to be a joke. But its a good one.

So much talk of movies, but I am not done yet. There is a movie at the art theater I would like to see. Maybe on Friday. It looks pretty crazy and is called Man on a Wire. I am incredibly scared of heights, and I think that this would be the scariest thing in the world to actually do. I cannot believe he actually did it. Here is a trailer for the documentary. I will tell you how it is later.

Well I had better split today. I have alot of studying for several tests next week to get done. Peace.

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