Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Graduation, Life in Jail, Hula Workout


I just got done writing an outline for a graduation speech for David. He is the engineering Valedictorian and they wanted him to do a speech. He had to turn in his outline today. I could have told them that this was a mistake. Why in the world would you want an Engineering student to give one of the speeches? Even I am smart enough to figure that out. Anyways, i zipped through it pretty quick and made some cheezy analogies about climbing a mountain. Hope its what they wanted.

In a little while I am going to go eat lunch with Mark and study Physics. We have a bit to go over there. I hate how you start to celebrate after a test by not paying attention in class and falling behind. Some form of celebration that is. We are now learning about Diffusion. Its fairy interesting.

I am entering Battle of the Bands in January with my friends from the band armorie. You can check them out at It is going to be like a supergroup. We have been putting some songs together for a while, and I have some new rap tunes to try out. I think we are practicing on Thursday afternoon. We really want to win it.

Britney Spears recently said she feels like she is living in a jail. She must have only been to those jails where you get to keep all your money and you can leave when you want and eat whatever you want and pretty much do whatever you want. I love those kinds of jails. Also in celeb news, Lindsay Lohan said the other day that she was so excited that we elected our first "colored" president. What planet is she living on to have decided to use that term?

Oh I almost forgot that it is informercial Wednesday. This probably beats them all in terms of uselessness. In fact, I thought that it wasn't even real when I saw it...looks like an SNL sketch. But nope, its legit. There is even a website that sells them. Can you imagine the look on your boss's face if you brought one of these into the workplace? You would automatically be classified as a lunatic. Which you would be for buying one. I present, The HAWAII chair.

I love the jingle they wrote for it. If you can sit, you can get fit! It looks like the most annoying thing ever to sit on especially at work! But I have to admit I slightly have an urge to try it out.
Then I found this more realistic review of the product.

Looks about right to me. Retail Price? 149 dollars. Informercial? Priceless.

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