Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The O, Pregnant Angst, and Big Mama

Hail to the Cheif baby.

In all honesty, although I disagree with alot of his ideas about what the government should and should not do, I think that this will not "destroy" our nation. The reason I point this out is because I can't believe how many conservatives are acting like the world has come to an end. Facebook statuses are ridiculous...things like "We have officially elected a Muslim terrorist into the Whitehouse", or "Better get your guns now." or "I'm moving to South America" or even stranger things. Its as if they think Obama is the devil's surrogate, and it is pretty stupid. The thing that annoys me most is that the Democrats did the same thing when Bush was elected those two years...the response was so ridiculous, I am over the whole "I'm moving if such and such happens." It was annoying when the dems did it and it is annoying to me now that the conservatives are doing the same thing. Go ahead and move already. I don't care to which party your loyalty swings. Your dramatic despair is not helping anybody. And you know what? I do think it is amazing that America elected its first black president and I do think that he is right about some things that Mccain is wrong about. So whether I voted for him or not...its shut up time. Its one thing to be critical and have a healthy distrust...but its another thing to drink the Kool-Aid of the far reaches of either party. I thought Mcain's concession was good and it annoyed me that people were booing at the beginning. I'm not talking about this anymore.

On a lighter note...there is this great website you should look at, You will laugh your head off. Its a collection of angry notes that people have left in breakrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, refrigerators, ect, in leu of confronting the offender. They are all pretty great, but here is one of my favorites.

This is dramatic as it gets. My sister Rita says she knows just how this woman feels. She claims that when she was preg, some guy at work kept eating her oreos and it was ticking her off bad. Not because she was hungry of course, but because he was stealing an unborn child's food. Taking oreos from a baby! What kind of sick son of a ... would do that!

Here is a video of Big Mama Thornton singing Hounddog. She is my favorite of the old soul singers, with the exception of James Brown. Some people think that it is impossible for women to be good entertainers...but obviously this idea results from performances like Jessica Simpson's. General Society has decided that the way you look is more important than the ability to sing and write. I even like this version better than Elvis'. It actually makes since, the Houndog is some guy that keeps coming around with no intention of commiting to a relationship. Great stuff.


lori said...

I may or may not be guilty of leaving similar notes in the past. It's pretty funny though. and your blog has got to be the weirdest blog ever, but enjoyable. Dam shids. good day.

Nicole said...

Hi Calvin,

I am all for letting people be upset, get it out and deal. We really need to pray the most. I would hope we can just stand together and pray.